Cat­tle and sheep sale at Cale­do­nian Marts

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CALE­DO­NIAN Marts Ltd sold 412 store cat­tle plus 1,309 store hoggets, ewe hoggets and ewes with lambs at foot at Stir­ling on Mon­day May 30.

157 bul­locks av­er­aged 212p/ kg, sell­ing to 294p/ kg for a Li­mousin from G S Ste­wart, Wester Whin, and to £1,160 for an Aberdeen An­gus from A Mair, North Shields, Denny.

161 heifers av­er­aged 201p/ kg, sell­ing to 250p/ kg for a Li­mousin from J R MacGre­gor, Dyke, Mil­ton of Camp­sie, and to £1,100 for a Li­mousin from Laigh, Crawtree.

22 bulls av­er­aged 215p/ kg, sell­ing to 202p/ kg for a Li­mousin from W I & A W Cal­lion, Bol­fornought and to £900 for the same beast.

72 dairy-bred av­er­aged 149p/ kg, sell­ing to 192p/ kg for a Flecvieh from W & S Main, Drum­bowie, Brack­en­hirst and to £980 for the same beast.

A good show of hoggs and ewes with lambs at foot for­ward for num­bers, and more could have been sold to sell­ers ad­van­tage.

D Steel, Kil­win­net, achieved the top price of the day for a pair of Texel ewes with twin lambs for £200. Head­ing the hogg prices was R McNee Ltd, Wood­end, Ar­madale at £ 84 a life (168 per unit) for a pen of eight Tex­els with sin­gle lambs. Lead­ing prices Cat­tle Bul­lock p/ kg: 261p Wester Whin and Dyke; 256p Wester Whin; 254p Im­meroin and Castle­hill; 252p Dyke; 244p Fer­noch

Bul­lock/ head: £1150 and £1,110 Wester Pir­ley­hall; £1,090 Ben­cloich; £1,060 Im­meroin; £1,000 Mart­na­ham Mains; £990 Bridge­house

Heifer p/ kg: 240p South Mains; 225p and 223p Over Hill­house; 221p Dyke and Forthview; 218p Daltip­pan; 213p Forthview;

Heifer/ head:- £1,100 Ben­cloich; £1,090 South Mains; £960 Over Hill­house and Crawtree; £910 Harvieston; £900 Bridge­house; £ 880 Harvieston and Badyen; £ 870 Forthview

Store bulls: £ 880 South Mains; £710 Ne­whall; £700, £600 and £ 530 Daltip­pan

Dairy p/ kg: 156p Daltip­pan; 155p Burn­brae; 153p Daltip­pan; 149p Mill­wood

Dairy/ head: £ 590 Powguild; £ 550 Mil­ton Park; £490 Mil­ton Park; £480 Burn­brae and Mill­wood Sheep Hoggets with sin­gles: £150 and £148 Bankhead (Tex); £148 Airthrey Kerse (Tex); £148 Meikle Seg­gie (Tex); £160 Wood­end (Mule); £152 Mains of Burn­bank (Mule); £150 Gib­ble­ston (Mule)

Hoggets with twins: £180 Airthrey Kerse (Tex); £170 Craig­head (Tex); £180 (twice) Mains of Burn­bank (Mule); £175 Gib­ble­ston (Mule)

Ewes with sin­gles: £142 Mill of Ar­doch (Tex); £130 Kil­win­net (Cont); £120 North Moor­houses (Mule); £110 Car­loo­nan (Chev)

Ewes with Twins: £172 New­ton of Lo­gierait (Cross); £172 Lur­gan (Tex); £162 + £160 Kil­win­net (Tex X); £161 Mill of Ar­doch (Tex X); £132 Car­loo­nan (Chev)

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