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- spends the most, does the least

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A UNIQUE sur­vey look­ing at the habits and pref­er­ences of 5,000 par­ents across the UK, France, Ger­many, Italy and Spain has re­vealed that the typ­i­cal Bri­tish hol­i­day­maker spends the most and does the least – with 11per cent of us part­ing with more than £3,000 for our main fam­ily hol­i­day, while al­most half of us (48 per cent) spend zero time ex­er­cis­ing and one in five (22 per cent) do no sight­see­ing or visit cultural hotspots.

Spends the most… The Honda Hol­i­day Habits Sur­vey, car­ried out by OnePoll to mark the first an­niver­sary of Honda’s cross­over SUV, the HR-V, found that the UK tops the chart for spend­ing more than £3,000 on the main fam­ily hol­i­day, fol­lowed in the spend stakes by Ger­many. Brits also like a drink it seems, with six per cent of us spend­ing be­tween £ 200 and £500 on al­co­hol, the ma­jor­ity (93 per cent) spend­ing up to £ 200, and av­er­age spend per head on al­co­hol on hol­i­day com­ing in at £78.17, the sec­ond high­est in Europe.

Does the least… The sur­vey goes on to paint a pic­ture of what the typ­i­cal Brit does, or doesn’t do, while away. While we are the least likely to ex­er­cise or go sight­see­ing, the UK also tops Europe for pack­ing no sports or ex­er­cise equip­ment (49 per cent), only a third (32 per cent) rate day trips and places of in­ter­est as a hol­i­day pri­or­ity, while a sim­i­lar amount (34 per cent) take no books or e-read­ers.

So if Brits aren’t ex­er­cis­ing, sight­see­ing or read­ing, what are we do­ing? Be­ing the most likely to rate a swim­ming pool as a pri­or­ity (35 per cent) and, with 42 per cent of us rat­ing en­ter­tain­ment for chil­dren as a pri­or­ity, laz­ing around the ho­tel while the kids play seems to be a pop­u­lar way of pass­ing the time for Bri­tish hol­i­day­mak­ers. Once again, drink­ing is also a pop­u­lar pas­time, it seems, with Brits most likely to take al­co­hol to drink while away (22 per cent). And de­spite pop­u­lar be­lief that we’re a na­tion of worka­holics and tablet ad­dicts, Brits are the least likely to cite good wifi as a pri­or­ity (18 per cent), while 28 per cent pack no lap­tops or tablets.

Ar­gu­ing, pack­ing and trav­el­ling... With ar­gu­ing an ev­er­pop­u­lar hol­i­day pas­time, the sur­vey also looked at the causes of hol­i­day rows, with Brits the most likely in Europe to ar­gue about get­ting lost (33 per cent) and drink­ing too much (nine per cent).

We’re also a na­tion of light pack­ers, it seems, be­ing most likely (11 per cent) to take no suit­cases on hol­i­day, and spend­ing the least time pack­ing (2.2 hours). De­spite this, we take the long­est to com­pletely un­pack af­ter the hol­i­day (3.6 days). We are also least likely to take a pet (nine per cent) or food to eat while away (41 per cent).

Per­haps un­sur­pris­ingly, be­ing sur­rounded by wa­ter, we spend the least time driving to our hol­i­day des­ti­na­tion (4.7 hours), and driving while on hol­i­day (five hours), com­pared to our fel­low Euro­peans. The long­est- dis­tance hol­i­day­mak­ers can be found in France, who spend seven hours trav­el­ling to their hol­i­day and a sim­i­lar amount driving while away.

Philip Webb, head of cars for Honda (UK), com­ments: ‘ What an in­ter­est­ing pic­ture of the typ­i­cal Bri­tish hol­i­day­maker this re­search paints. It seems that as a na­tion our hol­i­days are about spend­ing qual­ity time to­gether and let­ting the chil­dren en­joy them­selves, while we also en­joy our food and drink. It’s good to see that de­spite the stereotype many of us are tak­ing a break from work while we’re away, and quite an eye- opener to see some of the strange items that peo­ple pack.’

Des­ti­na­tions... The sur­vey goes on to re­veal Spain to be the most pop­u­lar hol­i­day des­ti­na­tion for Brits out­side of the UK, with 52 per cent hav­ing hol­i­dayed there, fol­lowed by France (40 per cent) and the USA (22 per cent). Brits are con­sid­er­ably more likely to visit the USA than any of the Euro­pean coun­tries sur­veyed, with the clos­est be­ing Spain where 12 per cent have crossed the pond for a hol­i­day. Mak­ing up the list of the top eight des­ti­na­tions favoured by Brits are Greece (21 per cent), Por­tu­gal (17 per cent), Italy (16 per cent), Turkey (13 per cent) and Ger­many (12 per cent). By con­trast, Ger­mans are the least likely to hol­i­day in the UK, with just three per cent hav­ing done so.

By com­par­i­son... The sur­vey sim­i­larly iden­ti­fies the typ­i­cal pro­file of a French, Ital­ian, Span­ish and Ger­man hol­i­day­maker, find­ing the fol­low­ing: France: Bar­gain hunters, home birds and ha­bit­u­al­ists. Italy: The most dis­cern­ing hol­i­day­mak­ers in Europe. Spain: Heav­i­est pack­ers, most ac­tive. Ger­many: Most or­gan­ised, most dis­ci­plined.

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