What the pub­lic thought of the shock out­come for Bri­tain to leave the Euro­pean Union

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Agata Lip­niak, 27, Krakow (pic)

‘We’ve come from Poland to­day to work in Kin­tallen. A lot of peo­ple from Poland live in the UK, look­ing for a bet­ter life. It’s the eas­i­est way.’

Zuzanna Koziarska, 27, Ka­tow­ice (pic)

‘Maybe they will come to Poland and study in­stead. This is good for Scot­land, maybe; they want to be in­de­pen­dent. This is im­por­tant for all of Europe. Is this the end of the EU? It’s a mess.’

Val Smith, 60, from Ard­fern

‘I was com­pletely shocked and sad­dened when Cameron said he was re­sign­ing. In my heart I wanted to leave, but in my head, for eco­nomic rea­sons, I chose to stay. I think im­mi­gra­tion has a lot to do with it. But let’s move on now. Let’s not be doom and gloom.’

Gil­lian Aitken, 45, from Ar­dr­ishaig

‘I was quite pleased with the way I voted [to leave], be­cause of the over­crowd­ing and im­mi­gra­tion sys­tem. I was re­ally un­de­cided un­til the last minute. The ar­gu­ments were all lies, so I just felt I had to go with my heart.’

An­drew Master­man, 50, East Kil­bride

‘I was a re­main. It’s a leap in the dark. Europe could have been re­formed by stay­ing in. I was sur­prised at the re­sult, but I feel Europe has to re­form it­self. The euro is in cri­sis, and the Shen­gen Agree­ment isn’t work­ing. It needs to be sorted, oth­er­wise there’ll be ri­ots on the streets. I’m not pan­ick­ing, just shocked.’

Dario Moli­nari, 33, from Croa­tia

‘I live in Lon­don, but I couldn’t vote. I would have voted to re­main, but I was very scep­ti­cal be­cause of all the money go­ing to the EU. £190 mil­lion a week is a lot. I have trust in Bri­tish politi­cians. They wouldn’t ask peo­ple to leave if they didn’t have some sort of plan.’

Anony­mous from Oban

‘David Cameron would have won his point if he’d been stronger on im­mi­gra­tion. It’s the far- out Euro­pean coun­tries com­ing in and claim­ing ben­e­fits, some of them form­ing crim­i­nal gangs. We felt the safety of the com­mu­nity wasn’t the same.’

Chris Williams, 70, from Sal­ford (pic)

‘We voted by post to re­main. Be­cause Scot­land voted to re­main, and Eng­land didn’t, there will be a sec­ond ref­er­en­dum. It could be the break up of a great na­tion. The writ­ing’s on the wall: na­tion­al­ism is on the rise. A lot of peo­ple are an­gry about im­mi­gra­tion. If you ask them why, they can’t an­swer: they just don’t like to see for­eign faces and hear for­eign voices.’

Con­ti­nen­tal friends: Agata Lip­niak, left, and Zuzanna Koziarska, who work here but come from Poland.

Chris Williams, Sal­ford.

Val Smith, Ard­fern.

Dario Moli­nari, Croa­tia.

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