High school cel­e­brates its young achiev­ers

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OBAN High School prize-giv­ing cer­e­mony took place last week as part of its end- of-term cel­e­bra­tions.

The win­ners were: Lan­guages: Awarded By He­len Hope: Gaidhlig Flu­ent: Nat 5: Lau­ren MacArthur; Gaidhlig Flu­ent: AH: Anna Garvin; The Stra­chan Trophy Prize For Span­ish: Higher: Cather­ine Raven­hill; Gaelic Learn­ers: Higher: Keira MacIn­tyre; Busi­ness De­sign & Tech­nolo­gies: Awarded By Damian Heaney: Busi­ness Man­age­ment: Higher: Jenna McCall; Com­put­ing Stud­ies: Higher: Shan­non Wal­ford; En­deav­our Prize For Com­put­ing: Ruari MacNiven; Ad­min­is­tra­tion: Nat 5: Jes­sica Swan; Prac­ti­cal Wood­work: Nat 5: Tri­ona MacKen­zie; En­deav­our Prize For Prac­ti­cal Wood­work: Dun­can McLaugh­lin; En­gi­neer­ing Science: Nat 5: An­gus Camp­bell; En­gi­neer­ing Science: Higher: Mary Marr; Ad­min­is­tra­tion: Higher: Emily Robert­son; Busi­ness Man­age­ment: Nat 5: Alec Wall; En­deav­our Prize For En­gi­neer­ing Science: Joas Bre­mer: En­deav­our Prize For Busi­ness Man­age­ment: Ni­amh MacKen­zie; En­deav­our Prize For Graphic Com­mu­ni­ca­tion: Ca­t­rina McBurnie; Ex­pres­sive Arts: Or­say Ap­plied Art Prize: Kirsty Wright; En­deav­our Prize For Mu­sic: Con­nor Ed­wards; En­deav­our In Art: Ste­wart Inglis; Drama Red­fearn Award: Anna Bav­ing­ton; Mu­sic: Nat 5: Katie Houston; Art Cup: Higher Art & De­sign: Abby McDer­mott; Mu­sic: Adv Higher: Innes Donn; En­deav­our In Art: Heanock Mekon­nen; English: Awarded By Aileen Jack­son: English: Higher: Lucy Hen­nessey; AH English: Carys Rim­mer; Food Tech­nol­ogy: Awarded By Morag Mack­in­non: Hos­pi­tal­ity Prac­ti­cal Cook­ery: Nat 5: Mar­ley Squire; En­deav­our In Hos­pi­tal­ity Prac­ti­cal Cook­ery: Guiseppe Lopez; Hos­pi­tal­ity Prac­ti­cal Cook­ery: Nat 5: Paulina Sienicka; Health & Food Tech­nol­ogy: Nat 5: Re­becca Hay; Ge­og­ra­phy/ Phi­los­o­phy & Be­lief: Awarded By Fiona Wil­son: The Car­raig Gheal Trophy For Se­nior Ge­og­ra­phy: Ella Smal­ley; Psy­chol­ogy: Higher: Melissa Robert­son; En­deav­our In Ge­og­ra­phy: An­drew Jamieson; Re­li­gious, Mo­ral & Philo­soph­i­cal Stud­ies: Higher: Katie Jones; En­deav­our In Rmps: Emily Carnie; Re­li­gious, Mo­ral & Philo­soph­i­cal Stud­ies: Nat 5: Eve Beaton; PE: Awarded By Liz Clu­nie: Mon­crieff Cup For Phys­i­cal Ed­u­ca­tion: Higher: Olivia Nis­bet; Jim Lay Sports Coach­ing Award: Cal­lum Kir­sop; Jim Lay Sports Coach­ing Award: Brian Lo­gan; His­tory/ Modern Stud­ies: Awarded By Chris­tine Rae And Mrs MacAl­lis­ter: Modern Stud­ies: Nat 5: Na­dia Ni­chol­son; Math­e­mat­ics: Awarded By Nan John­stone: Nat 5 Lifeskills Math­e­mat­ics: David McGin­ness; FJ Macken­zie Prize For AH Maths: Anja Pow­ell; Science: Awarded By Irene Bid­dulph: En­vi­ron­men­tal Science : Higher: Emma Thomp­son; Physics: Higher: Mo­hit Das; Bi­ol­ogy: Higher: San­dra McAl­lis­ter; Chem­istry: Nat 5: James Camp­bell; Bi­ol­ogy: En­deav­our: Anuj Ku­mar; Physics: En­deav­our: Lau­ren Turner; Chem­istry: En­deav­our: Char­l­ize Cameron; Pupils Who Have Won More Than One Award This Evening - Awarded By Alas­tair Satchel: French Nat 5, His­tory Nat 5, and Bi­ol­ogy Nat 5: Jenny Macin­tyre; Span­ish Nat 5 and Drama Nat 5: Kate Mun­ton; Com­put­ing Stud­ies Nat 5, Iain Forteith Prize For English, Maths Nat 5 and Physics Nat 5: Rhona McCracken; English Higher and Ge­og­ra­phy Higher: Roanne Lil­ley; AH Gaelic Learn­ers and Suther­land Quaich: Ross Christie; Art & De­sign and Ge­og­ra­phy Nat 5: Shan­nara Smith; Higher Graphic Com­mu­ni­ca­tion and Laing Prize For De­sign & Tech­nol­ogy: Vik­to­ria Mo­rawska; FJ Macken­zie Prize For AH Maths and Sams Award For Out­stand­ing Achieve­ment In Science: Anja Pow­ell; Graphic Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Nat 5 and David Scott Prize For PE: Craig Mac­corquo­dale; En­deav­our In English, Maths and Mu­sic: Dun­can All­away; Ro­tary Cup For En­deav­our and En­deav­our in Modern Stud­ies: Cameron Inglis; Wilt­shire Trophy For Busi­ness Man­age­ment and En­deav­our in Psy­chol­ogy: Erin A Cameron; Mu­si­cal Theatre and AH English: Carys Rim­mer; En­deav­our For Drama and Hay­dock Prize For Most Improved Player: Ben Fothergill; Mon­crieff Cup and Higher Chem­istry: Alex Houston; En­deav­our in Ad­min­is­tra­tion & En­deav­our in His­tory: Robert MacInnes. Xl Prize: Re­becca Camp­bell; Skills For Work Award: Leanne MacIn­tyre; Ro­tary Speaker of the Year Award: Sarah Car­lin; Speak­ers Club Trophy: Diarmid; Mille Me­dia Young En­ter­prise Trophy: An­nalise Bate­man;

H20 Prize: Naomi Camp­bell; Prize For Out­stand­ing Peer Sup­port: Ka­t­rina Pick; Cal­lum John Laing Trophy: Louise Macdon­ald;

Saltire Award: Shan­non MacCuish; Clan Leader For Diarmid: Ali­son Clark and Scott Black; Clan Leader For Fin­gal: Me­gan Black and Brooke Nis­bet; Clan Leader For Os­sian: Kim­berly Camp­bell and Anja Pow­ell; Clan Leader For Somerled: Erin Cameron and Ciara Colthart;

Head Boy Award: Stephen Povey; Head Girl Award: Emma Thomp­son; Oban High School Dux Win­ner , Prizes For Higher Mu­sic, Higher English, Higher Modern Stud­ies, Higher Maths And The Rian McAl­lis­ter Prize For Higher His­tory: Fiona McLean.

Head teacher Peter Bain, cen­tre, is joined by prize win­ners Stephen Povey and Emma Thomp­son, and head girl Selina Kep­pie and head boy James MacIn­tyre.

School Dux 2016 Fiona MacLean with her prizes.

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