Caro­line does her 100th games proud

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IN FRONT of one of the event’s big­gest crowds, Caro­line Jamieson at­tended her 100th Taynuilt High­land Games, this time as chief­tain, writes Louise Glen.

The facts might be a lit­tle blurry for the vil­lage’s old­est res­i­dent – but her mind and her love for the com­mu­nity was clear.

‘Have a great day every­one. En­joy your­selves,’ she told a full crowd over the tan­noy.

Caro­line knows the games are full of fun events in­clud­ing the pil­low fight, climb­ing the pole, the hill race, the bungee rope, races for all ages and, of course, the more se­ri­ous mat­ter of the heavy­weight chal­lenges and the tug of war where the en­durance and skill of men and women are pit­ted against each other.

The team of vol­un­teers who put to­gether Taynuilt High­land Games should be praised. It was a great day for every­one.

The small and hard-work­ing group pro­vided a day for peo­ple to get to­gether, to catch up on news and, of course, to en­joy a wee bit gos­sip.

High­land danc­ing re­sults: Pri­mary 5 Years and Un­der: 16 Pas-De-Basque: 1 Am­ber McEwan, Bute, 2 Erin McCrae, Tar­bert Loch Fyne, 3 Grace Mac­Don­ald, Taynuilt; Pas-De-Basque and High­cuts: 1 Am­ber McEwan, 2 Erin McCrae, 3 Grace Mac­Don­ald; High­land Fling: 1 Am­ber Mcewan; Sword Dance: 1 Am­ber McEwan; Pri­may 6 Years: 16 Pas-De-Basque: 1 Jess Tul­loch, Orkney, 2 Jes­sica McNab, Lochgilp­head, 3 Amelia Whitelaw, Bute; Pas-De-Basque and High­cuts: 1 Jess Tul­loch, 2 Jes­sica McNab, 3 Anna Telfer, Oban; High­land Fling: 1 Jes­sica McNab, 2 Jess Tul­loch, 3 Amelia Whitelaw; Sword Dance: 1 Jes­sica McNab, 2 Jess Tul­loch; Be­gin­ners 8 Years and Un­der: High­land Fling: 1 Molly Tul­loch, Orkney, 2 Han­nah McIvor, Oban, 3 Eilidh McTag­gart, Bute; Sword Dance: 1 Eilidh McTag­gart, Bute, 2 = Molly Tul­loch and Kas­sidy Woat, Cum­ber­nauld; Sean Truib­has: 1 Eilidh McTag­gart, 2 Molly Tul­loch, 3 Amy Jar­dine, Rothe­say; Hul­lachan: 1 Sum­mer Lear­mond, Rothe­say, 2 Molly Tul­loch, 3 Eilidh McTag­gart; Flora: 1 Eilidh McTag­gart, 2 Molly Tul­loch, 3 Sum­mer Lear­mond; Lilt: 1 Eilidh McTag­gart, 2 Sum­mer Lear­mond, 3 Amy Jar­dine; 2016 Win­ner Over­all High­land: The Munro Shield: Molly Tul­loch, Kirk­wall, Orkney. Be­gin­ners 9 years and Over: High­land Fling: 1 Jes­sica Bax­ter, Lauder, 2 Jena El­liot, Lauder; 3 Neve McKay, Oban; Sword Dance: 1 Han­nah Ed­min­ston, Pais­ley, 2 Jes­sica Bax­ter, 3 Jena El­liot; Sean Truib­has: 1 Neve McKay, 2 Jes­sica Bax­ter, 3 Lucy Cameron, Rothe­say; Hul­lachan: 1 Lucy Cameron, 2 = Neve Mckay, and Jes­sica Bax­ter; Flora: 1 Han­nah Ed­min­ston, 2 Lucy Cameron, 3 Neve McKay; Lilt: 1 Jes­sica Bax­ter, 2 Rachel An­der­son, USA, 3 Lucy Cameron; 2016 Win­ner Over­all High­land: The Sinclair Shield: Jes­sica Bax­ter, Lauder, Scot­tish Bor­ders. Novice: High­land Fling: 1 Eva McKay, Stornoway, 2 Emma Bancks, Dunoon, 3 Erin Daw­son, Dum­bar­ton; Sword Dance: 1 Emma Bancks, 2 Zara O’Hare, Ersk­ine, 3 Erin Daw­son; Sean Truib­has: 1 Erin Daw­son, 2 Zara O’Hare, 3 Eva Mckay; Hul­lachan: 1 Erin Daw­son, 2 Emma Bancks, 3 Eva Mckay; Flora: 1 Emma Bancks, 2 Erin Daw­son, 3 Zara O’Hare; Lilt: 1 Erin Daw­son, 2 Christina Lin­den, 3 Niamh Cameron, Oban; 2016 Win­ner Over­all High­land: The Taynuilt Ho­tel Quaich: Erin Daw­son, Dum­bar­ton. In­ter­me­di­ate: High­land Fling: 1 Eva MacColl, Ap­pin, 2 Katie An­der­son, Gar­lochhead, 3 Lily Ah­ern, USA; Sword Dance; 1 Katie An­der­son, 2 Iona McKay, Dal­mally, 3 Eva MacColl; Sean Truib­has: 1 Eva MacColl, 2 Lily Ah­ern, 3 Katie An­der­son; Hul­lachan: 1 Eva MacColl, 2 Katie An­der­son, 3 Iona McKay; Bar­racks John­nie: 1 Iona Mckay, 2 Eva MacColl, 3 Lily Ah­ern; Sailors’ Horn­pipe: 1 Katie An­der­son, 2 Lily Ah­ern, 3 Eva MacColl, 2016 Win­ner Over­all High­land: Eva MacColl, Ap­pin. Pre­mier 12 Years and Un­der: High­land Fling: 1 Han­nah Bloom­field, Peter­head, 2 Stephanie Laid­law, Dunoon, 3 So­phie MacPherson, Oban; Sword Dance: 1 Han­nah Bloom­field, 2 So­phie MacPherson, 3 Re­nee John­stone, Ersk­ine; Sean Truib­has: 1 Han­nah Bloom­field, 2 Re­nee John­stone, 3 Stephanie Laid­law, Dunoon; Hul­lachan: 1 Han­nah Bloom­field, 2 So­phie MacPherson, 3 Stephanie Laid­law; Bar­racks John­nie: 1 Han­nah Bloom­field, 2 So­phie MacPherson, 3 Jodie Cook, Alexan­dria; Sailors’ Horn­pipe: 1 Han­nah Bloom­field, 2 Jodie Cook, 3 So­phie MacPherson; 2016 Win­ner Over­all High­land: Han­nah Bloom­field, Maud, Peter­head. Pre­mier 15 Years and Un­der: High­land Fling: 1 Lisa McGil­livray, Dunoon, 2 Emma Brown, Oban, 3 Fiona Arm­strong, Falkirk; Sword Dance: 1 Lisa McGil­livray, 2 Fiona Arm­strong, 3 Emma Brown; Sean Truib­has: 1 Lisa McGil­livray, 2 Fiona Arm­strong, 3 Ailie Munro, Con­nel; Hul­lachan: 1 Lisa McGil­livray, 2 Ailie Munro, 3 Fiona Arm­strong; Bar­racks John­nie: 1 Fiona Arm­strong, 2 Emma Brown, 3 Ailie Munro; Sailors’ Horn­pipe: 1 Lisa McGil­livray, 2 Fiona Arm­strong, 3 Emma Brown; 2016 Win­ner Over­all High­land: Lisa McGil­livray, Kirn, Dunoon. Pre­mier 16 Years and Over: High­land Fling: 1 Rachael Walker, Fet­ter­cairn, 2 Claire McLaugh­lin, East Kil­bride, 3 Katie Macpherson, Oban; Sword Dance: 1 Rachael Walker, 2 Re­becca Sproat, Bon­hill, 3 Claire McLaugh­lin; Sean Truib­has: 1 Claire McLaugh­lin, 2 Rachael Walker, 3 Re­becca Sproat; Hul­lachan 1 Claire McLaugh­lin, 2 Rachael Walker, 3 Re­becca Sproat; Bar­racks John­nie: 1 Rachael Walker, 2 Claire McLaugh­lin, 3 Re­becca Sproat; Sailors’ Horn­pipe: 1 Claire McLaugh­lin, 2 Rachael Walker, 3 Re­becca Sproat; 2016 Win­ner Over­all High­land: Rachael Walker, Fet­ter­cairn, Aberdeen­shire.


The march from the ho­tel to the games field was well at­tended.


Caro­line Jamieson is pre­sented with flow­ers by dancer Miss Mac­Don­ald.


Tim MacIntyre presents the MacIntyre Shield to Kieron, a pupil at Oban’s Gaelic Medium Unit, for his Gaelic writ­ing.


Lo­cal and vis­it­ing chil­dren take part in the ju­nior heavy­weight events, won by Calum Mac­Don­ald of Taynuilt.


Nick Charl­ton makes an at­tempt at the caber.


Ladies who lunch: Taynuilt women en­joyed the show.

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