Aims and dreams of a new year

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To be plunged deep into the dark drudgery of Jan­uary straight from the highs and hap­pi­ness of Christ­mas and New Year cel­e­bra­tion is a pen­du­lum swing of ex­tremes that we shock our emo­tions with year af­ter year.

One pos­i­tive as­pect of this other­wise bad dream of bland anti- cli­max is the cus­tom to re­new per­spec­tive and to give time and thought to goals we hope to achieve in the com­ing year and to the ac­tion we need to take to be­gin the jour­ney to­wards th­ese en­deav­ours.

The con­cept of the so- called New Year’s res­o­lu­tion is one that at­tracts much scorn, crit­i­cism and lam­poon, but my view on the cus­tom is a very pos­i­tive one. Any­thing that brings as­pi­ra­tion – of any kind - to the fore­front of our con­scious­ness has to be a good thing. The over-arch­ing drive be­hind nearly all th­ese in­di­vid­ual aims is the road to hap­pi­ness and ful­fil­ment.

We hu­mans are a ter­ri­ble lot for trap­ping our­selves in the caves of con­ven­tion and are ret­i­cent to change the cour­ses which the cir­cum­stances of our lives so far have lead us to, even if we are un­sat­is­fied in them.

So, I say, make the res­o­lu­tions to be­gin your voy­age, what­ever that may be. Join the gym, learn to cook, change your job, lose weight, put on weight, climb Ben Cru­achan, learn to knit, start a business. shut a business, give up smok­ing, start smok­ing, be richer, be poorer, so­cialise more, live like a her­mit or learn to play the trum­pet – what ever it is you want to do, fire on, and if it doesn’t work, or your goals change in the process then ad­just your course ac­cord­ingly.

Con­versely, if your aim is to keep liv­ing ex­actly the way you are just now and keep do­ing what you are do­ing, you’ve prob­a­bly al­ready ‘cracked it’, so that is ex­actly what you should con­tinue to do. Some of the most con­tented peo­ple I have met are in this cat­e­gory.

Aims and dreams are the pri­mary cat­a­lyst for progress in life and to make plans to fol­low them is a ‘no-lose’ quest. Ad­her­ing to your New Year’s res­o­lu­tions may not last and goals may not be achieved, but one thing is sure - if you don’t know what your goals are or take no ac­tion, you will cer­tainly never at­tain them. The fol­low­ing is a very sim­ple wee poem on the con­cept.

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