Bins: coun­cil says refuse dif­fi­cul­ties are im­prov­ing thanks to re­cy­cling

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ANGER about the lack of pick-ups for do­mes­tic waste are start­ing to calm down and re­cy­cling is be­com­ing the fo­cus of at­ten­tion from the lo­cal au­thor­ity.

While some peo­ple have waited longer to have waste col­lected, oth­ers say the sys­tem is flawed from the out­set as peo­ple are bag­ging the wrong rub­bish in the wrong bins.

Reader Andy Elk­er­ton claimed the coun­cil was hav­ing prob­lems with its re­cy­cling. He said: ‘Guess which coun­cil are hav­ing to spend even more money be­cause the re­cy­cled waste they have col­lected is be­ing sent back to them by the re­cy­cling plant?

‘ Why is it be­ing sent back? Be­cause it’s con­tam­i­nated!

‘Why is it con­tam­i­nated? Be­cause peo­ple have been dis­pos­ing of gen­eral waste in their re­cy­cled waste wheelie bins, now that our beloved coun­cil have de­cided to col­lect rub­bish as lit­tle as they can pos­si­bly man­age.’

Reader Dale Robert­son called for a re­view of the coun­cil’s bud­get. He said: ‘ Time we were given break­down of coun­cil tax so can de­cide what to cut. And it won’t be refuse col­lec­tion.’ Hamish Kirk, on The Oban

Times Face­book page, said: ‘Fire the man who thought of the three-weekly rub­bish col­lec­tion. And de­s­e­lect the coun­cil­lors who ap­proved it.’

Last week, in an apolo­getic state­ment, a spokesman for Argyll and Bute Coun­cil said: ‘Argyll and Bute Coun­cil is to­tally com­mit­ted to re­cy­cling, which is why we have pro­tected that part of the ser­vice.

‘By tak­ing ad­van­tage of the re­cy­cling op­tions avail­able, peo­ple can save space in their green bin, save money for coun­cil ser­vices and save money for them­selves.’

Your green bin is for gen­eral rub­bish and is emp­tied ev­ery three weeks.

Please use your green bin for all the gen­eral rub­bish that can­not be re­cy­cled. In­clude: nap­pies; cling film, bub­ble wrap, or food con­tam­i­nated plas­tics; non-re­cy­clable plas­tics; poly­styrene pack­ing; items that can’t be re­cy­cled.

Your blue bin is for pa­per, card, cans and plas­tic and is emp­tied ev­ery two weeks.

Please rinse cans, car­tons and plas­tics. In­clude: food, drink and aerosol cans; clean plas­tic drinks, de­ter­gent or cos­metic bot­tles, plas­tic pots, tubs and trays; pa­per, news­pa­per, brochures, mag­a­zines, en­velopes, phone books; food pack­ag­ing card­board / pack­ag­ing; ce­real boxes; egg boxes; card­board boxes / pack­ag­ing; drinks car­tons / Te­tra­paks.

Waste to go: the bins are emp­tied on the Isle of Lu­ing on Tues­day.

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