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Je­sus says, ‘Let any­one who is thirsty come to me!’ John 7:37

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I re­cently vis­ited Jewel Cave in the Mar­garet River re­gion of Aus­tralia. Ad­mir­ing the jewel-like sta­lac­tites and sta­lag­mites, my eye is drawn to a brown root, the size of your fore­arm. The guide says this is the root of a Karri tree, one of the world’s tallest hard­wood trees. First pen­e­trat­ing 10 me­ters of dry soil, the root de­scends from the roof of the cave more than 30 me- tres above our heads to the damp floor be­neath our feet, bring­ing life, giv­ing wa­ter to the huge tree. Je­sus says: ‘As the Scrip­ture has said, out of the be­liever’s heart will flow rivers of liv­ing wa­ter.’ When Je­sus speaks of liv­ing wa­ter, He is re­fer­ring to the Holy Spirit who is given to every­one be­liev­ing in Him - John 7:38. When we are dried and shriv­elled by the tri­als and tribu­la­tions of this life, the Spirit searches the pro­found depths of our in­ner be­ing, for that source of liv­ing wa­ter, that which is of God in the heart of love, the jewel cave. Je­sus says: ‘Those who drink the wa­ter I give them will never be thirsty again. It be­comes a fresh bub­bling spring within them giv­ing them eter­nal life.’ John 4:14 David James, Glen­cruit­ten Hous

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