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Our re­port last week that Ar­gyll and Bute roads are of­fi­cially the worst in Scot­land drove many peo­ple to com­ment on The Oban Times Face­book page.

Rory Brian Craig com­plained: ‘ The roads are hor­ren­dous i have popped 2 tires and bent one of my al­loys all within the last 3 months! i re­ally don’t see why we even pay road tax!’

Han­nah Karpin­ski of­fered: ‘Ar­gyll square and traf­fic lights at High School junc­tion says it all.’ Sa­man­tha Leiper blasted: ‘ You havnt seen the sin­gle track road from cladich to ford then its pot­hole cen­tury down here its lit­er­ally most of the road that’s pot­holes or fall­ing away and its used for busi­nesses as well

James Maclean said: ‘Road needs tar done from soroba water­works right to north ar­gyll house.’ Gemma Ma­cLen­nan wrote: ‘Pretty bad! Around the lights com­ing out of Tesco. Sur­prised I don’t have a punc­ture yet from the pot holes and not to men­tion the dam­age it must be do­ing to the car.’ Andy Jones posted: ‘I was on hol­i­day in South Africa last Jan­uary and some of the dirt roads had bet­ter sur­faces than the main road through Oban, es­pe­cially the bit by the traf­fic light at Oban High school.’

James Muir com­mented: ‘It’s get­ting hard to think where there’s a de­scent bit Road with­out pot­holes any­where in Scot­land. Ash­ley Strang said sim­ply: ‘ They are an em­bar­rass­ment.’ Laura Mon­salve Rossi wrote: ‘3 punc­tured tires since Christ­mas!!!! I had to buy 2 new tires.’ Mel Hayes quipped: ‘ You’ve clearly never been to Caith­ness.’

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