Wor­ry­ing dis­cov­ery in wa­ter cul­vert

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Sir, My weekly lit­ter col­lec­tion be­tween Spean Bridge and Unachan cross­roads oc­ca­sion­ally comes up with some sur­prises, as it is usu­ally take­away food pack­ag­ing, empty en­ergy drinks and beer cans, plas­tic bot­tles and cig­a­rette pack­ets.

But my col­lec­tion on Satur­day was rather dis­turb­ing when I found a tightly tape-wrapped blue poly­thene bag con­tain­ing used en­gine oil, which was dumped in a wa­ter-filled ditch by a lay-by at the above cross­roads.

The bag was very heavy and slightly leak­ing when it was re­moved.

I can’t imag­ine what kind of per­son goes to the trou­ble of do­ing this when used oil can be taken to the re­cy­cling cen­tre in Fort Wil­liam. The oil would have prob­a­bly gone un­no­ticed, flow­ing into a cul­vert then open wa­ter­course feed­ing the River Spean.

Some­thing else un­usual was the num­ber of heavy duty pro­tec­tive gloves, mostly of the same make, all found on the grass verge within a space of a few me­tres. I’m sure the own­ers of these gloves could be found us­ing DNA fin­ger­print­ing. And would they be dis­carded know­ing the dam­age they could cause to grass- cut­ting ma­chin­ery?

Is it just lazi­ness, a lack of knowl­edge, or both? A Robin­son, Spean Bridge.

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