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STIR­LING – Cale­do­nian Marts Ltd (Thurs­day Jan­uary 26) sold 166 cat­tle com­pris­ing of 100 prime bul­locks and heifers and young bulls, two OTM cat­tle and 64 cast cows and bulls. Prime bul­locks av­er­aged – 202p. Prime heifers av­er­aged – 202p. Beef bulls av­er­aged – 182p. Beef cows av­er­aged – 120p. Dairy cows av­er­aged – 88p. Bul­locks sold to 238ppkg twice for Li­mousins, both from W Dandie & Sons, Learielaw, Brox­burn, pur­chased by T John­ston, Butch­ers, Falkirk and to £1692.80 for a Charo­lais from C Smith, South Flanders, Kippen. Heifers top the sale to­day at 248ppkg for a Li­mousin again from W Dandie & Sons, Learielaw, Brox­burn, pur­chased by G Kirk & Son, Butch­ers, Denny and to £1493.44 for a Li­mousin from J& J Wylie, Knock­house, Dun­fermline, pur­chased by H A Black & Son, Butch­ers, La­nark & Ar­madale. Young bulls sold to 186ppkg for a Li­mousin from J Gibb, Gif­ford­land, Dalry and to £1003.40 from P Quigley, Harvieston, Gore­bridge. Other lead­ing prices:Bul­locks ppkg 235p Tod­hall 230p Nethermyres (twice) 220p An­gle Park & Tod­hall 218p Nethermyres 216p West Car­muirs 214p Fask­ine Bul­locks per head £1604.12 Learielaw £1578.24 South Flanders £1518 + £1504.20 Nethermyres £1480.36 Learielaw £1444 Arns £1430.80 Nethermyres Heifers ppkg 238p Learielaw 232p Nethermyres & Knock­house 218p Knock­house (three times) & Nethermyres 216p Tod­hall 214p Fask­ine Heifers per head £1460.16 Knock­house £1451.80 Learielaw £1443.04 + £1369.04 Knock­house £1364 Learielaw Also for­ward were 64 cast cows and bulls. Beef cows sold to 139ppkg from J Drys­dale, Forest­mill, Al­loa, and to £1170 from Hume of Over­ton, Over­ton, Denny. Dairy Cows sold to 111ppkg and to £ 840 from W Hamil­ton & Sons, Mel­drum, Blair­drum­mond. With a plainer show of cows over­all leaner beasts sold away the best. Other lead­ing prices: Beef cows ppkg 138p Over­ton 135p Nether Glins & Forest­mill 134.5p Black­hill & Baluskie 133p Gib­s­ley 131p Forest­mill Beef cows per head £1130 Nether Glins £1030 + £990 Forest­mill £970 Black­hill £950 Forest­mill £920 Mid­dlerigg Dairy cows ppkg 105p Green­rigg 104p + 102p Mel­drum 101p Harvieston & Baluskie 100p Mel­drum Dairy cows per head £ 810 Green­rigg £780 Mel­drum £740 Baluskie & Harvieston £680 + £670 Mel­drum Also for­ward were 2 Friesian bull calves, sell­ing to £175 from A Hamil­ton, Mid For­rest, Cum­ber­nauld. STIR­LING – United Auc­tions (Wed­nes­day Jan­uary 25) sold 820 store cat­tle, na­tive cat­tle and young bulls 179 cast cows and for­ward cat­tle and 2374 store and breed­ing sheep. Bul­locks (473) - av­er­aged 219.00p to 269.00p per kg for a 226kg CHX from Auchen­tiber and £1330 for 646kg AAX from Croft­jane. B& W Bul­locks (32) – av­er­aged 154.81p to 214.00p per kg for a 523kg HFX from Inch­gall and £1120 for a 523kg HFX from Inch­gall. Heifers (306) – av­er­aged 207.00p to 257.00p per kg for a 260kg CharX from Auchen­tiber and £1250 for a 634kg CHX from Shor­trigg. Cast Cows (123)– av­er­aged 116.00p to 168.00ppk for a BBX from Cut­tle­hill and £1350 for a AAX from North­field. Cast Cows (Dairy) (32)- av­er­aged 107.00p to 141.00p for a MOX from Wood­end and £1290 for a MOX from Wood­end. For­ward Cat­tle (24) – av­er­aged 160.00p to 196.00p for a LimX from Hat­ton of Cargill and £1330 for a LimX from Hat­ton of Cargill. Bul­locks: Up to 250kgs – Auchen­tiber £610, 269.9p; 252-300kgs- Gate­side £800, 267.6p; 301-350kgs– Spit­tal £840, Ber­ry­law 265.5p; 351400kgs- Nether Dalkeith £990, Auchen­tib­ber, 252.8p; 401- 450kgs- Mid Auchen­car­roch £100, 9 Killeo­nan 249.0p; 451-500kgs- Chal­lochmun £1170, Cowans 237.2p; 501-550kgs- Cowans £1190, Feoch 224.2p; 551- 600kgs- Hil­lview £1250, 215.9p; 601-650kgs- Croft­jane £1330, Chal­lochmun 209.8p; 651-700g- Chal­lochmun £1310, Starr 195.8kg; 700kgs+ - Croft­jane £1300, 161.3p. Heifers: Up to 250kgs – Cairn­cur­ran £610, 246.0p 251-300kgs- Ber­ry­law 690, Auchen­tiber 257.7p 301-350kgs- Wester Kep­dowrie £805, Gate­side 256.4p; 351- 400kgs- Bog­side £865, West Shaw­ton­hill 228.2p; 401- 450kgs- Nether Dalkeith £990, Cross­wood­hill 226.8p; 451-500kgs- Far­den £1130, 238.6p; 501-550kgs- Far­den £1170, 230.3p; 551- 600kgs- Inch­gall £1160, Chal­lochmun 208.3p; 601- 650kgs- Shor­trigg £1250, 197.2p. Bulls: 300-350kgs- Nether­ton £650, 207.0p 350400kgs- East Ban­knock £790, 212.0p; 401- 450kgs Muir­house £680, 155p; 451-500kgs Crosshouse £980, 205.1p; 501-550kgs Crosshouse £1060, 204.6p; 551- 600kgs- Crosshouse £940, 167.9p. OTM Cows: £ per head- North­field (AA) £1350; Hat­ton of Cargill (Lim) £1330; Cut­tle­hill (Brb) £1310; Wood­end (MO) £1290; For­neth (SD) £1270; For­neth (CH) £1250; Whit­some Laws (Sim) £1090. Store Sheep United Auc­tions Stir­ling also sold 2374 store and breed­ing sheep. Store Hoggs: Wester Bow­house (Tex) £64.50; Uigle (TexX) £64.50; Putchean(Char) £63.50; Darn­hall (Suff) £60; Darn­hall (Mule) £53.50; Dun­croisk (BF) 55.00. Breed­ing Sheep: R.D.S.V.S (Chev/ Mule) £103; East Mains (Corr Mule) £100; East Mains (C/ B Mule) £86; Bal­nasirm (Chev gmrs) £90; Bal­nasirm (Chev ewes) £78.

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