Be­fore you use a ve­hi­cle that’s been in stor­age, carry out

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AS THE warmer weather ap­proaches, car­a­vans, clas­sic cars, horse­boxes, mo­torhomes and many other ve­hi­cles will be com­ing out of win­ter stor­age for the first time this year.

TyreSafe, the UK’s tyre safety char­ity, is ap­peal­ing to all own­ers to take time to carry out tyre checks be­fore hit­ting the road for the 2017 sea­son.

As the only point of con­tact with the road, tyres are cru­cial for ve­hi­cle safety. Whether the ve­hi­cle has been stored in a garage or out­side, all tyres should be checked for cor­rect pres­sure, gen­eral con­di­tion and tread depth, TyreSafe ad­vises.

Stu­art Jack­son, chair­man of TyreSafe, said: ‘ There are a num­ber of fac­tors that can af­fect tyres stored on ve­hi­cles for sev­eral months, even if they are in a garage over win­ter.

‘ Tyres de­te­ri­o­rate with age as well as with mileage, and un­even weight dis­tri­bu­tion in use and dur­ing stor­age can lead to un­even tyre wear. Tyres will de­te­ri­o­rate faster if they’re stored out­doors, es­pe­cially in di­rect sun­light.

‘All of these cir­cum­stances can lead to un­safe tyres, which is why checks are so im­por­tant at the start of the sea­son and monthly through­out it.’


Give all tyres a thor­ough vis­ual in­spec­tion. Re­move vis­i­ble stones and other ob­jects from the tread. Cracks in the side­wall may mean the tyres are be­gin­ning to de­te­ri­o­rate and should be checked by a pro­fes­sional along with any cuts, cracks or bulges which could sig­nify in­ter­nal dam­age.


pres­sures can be found in the owner’s man­ual or use TyreSafe’s unique car and car­a­van tyre pres­sure cal­cu­la­tors on www.


this should be above the le­gal min­i­mum of 1.6mm across the cen­tral ¾ of each tyre’s width and its en­tire cir­cum­fer­ence. Use the outer rim of a 20p as a guide to how close a ve­hi­cle’s tyres are to this limit.

TyreSafe has cre­ated an an­i­ma­tion to help people per­form these checks, view­able on YouTube. Have a safe trip.

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