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There has been wide­spread sup­port for our cam­paign to im­prove road safety on the A85 be­tween Oban and Con­nel.

Al­lan Strang Jnr posted: ‘In the 2.5 mile or so be­tween Dun­beg and town there seems to be a lot of bends , which maybe folk aren’t ready for even though they should be. Straighter roads would be bet­ter as a) it gives a clear sight of what’s go­ing on ahead and b) it’d stop folk speed­ing only if it would give more places for speed de­tec­tion to take place and also if over­tak­ing folk wouldn’t chance it if they could see ahead. Let’s just put it straight. The roads of the last mil­len­nia aren’t fit for to­days vol­ume of traf­fic and our lo­cal roads bud­get is be­ing sig­nif­i­cantly dented be­fore it reaches the out­side world.’

Mar­garet Adams sug­gested: ‘Driv­ers ig­nore the dou­ble white lines in the mid­dle,of the road. Speed is also a fac­tor. It could also be that the beau­ti­ful scenery takes their eyes off the road!’

Murdo MacKen­zie wrote: ‘ There’s so many people who think they’re in­vin­ci­ble be­ing inside a me­tal frame. I’m sick of be­ing over­taken on that stretch. It’s so dan­ger­ous, so many people have died on the roads around Oban. You’d think people would be wiser.’

Eachann Gil­lies ex­plained: ‘I think it’s a bit of “fun­da­men­tal at­tri­bu­tion er­ror” – a cog­ni­tive bias that makes us more likely to blame oth­ers for bad driv­ing and ex­cuse our­selves from the same be­haviour. Re­search has also shown that about 90% of the driv­ing pub­lic think that their driv­ing is “above av­er­age”, which sug­gests we tend to dras­ti­cally over­es­ti­mate our own skills and abil­ity to avoid col­li­sions. Add to this mes­sage epi­demic lev­els of phone use at the wheel and you can see why driv­ing on any road can be quite har­row­ing. On a stretch of road that people feel they know well, and when us­ing this stretch of road dur­ing rush hour ... then it makes for an even less pleas­ant experience.’

Alis­tair Reid said: ‘Slow driv­ers cause lots of frustration. I was sat be­hind some­one do­ing 26mph the other day be­tween half­way house and pen­ni­fuir. Pas­sen­ger was tak­ing pic­tures out of the win­dow. Need more po­lice pa­trols.’

Mags Johnstone re­counted: ‘ Some­one over­took me on my way into town cou­ple of days ago dou­ble white lines, he/she didn’t think me driv­ing at 45mph was fast enough ob­vi­ously.’ Stay­ing on a roads theme, there was also con­sid­er­able engagement with our story about the ze­bra cross­ing on out­side Lidl on Soroba Road. Kenny MacKen­zie posted: ‘Can’t com- ment about the driv­ing as­pect of it but it is be­tween the en­try and exit to the petrol sta­tion and 15 yards be­tween the Sin­clair drive junc­tion and the turn in to the new lidls. As a res­i­dent who crossed there all the time, I never had a prob­lem just us­ing the traf­fic is­lands. Good idea, poorly po­si­tioned.’

Gary Far­low of­fered: ‘ Think the cross­ing is ok, my gran stays in the flats next to it, when am tryin to get across to the garage it was a night mare be­fore the cross­ing was put up, just driv­ers in Oban need to be more ob­ser­vant and stop be­ing so ig­no­rant to other road users and pedes­tri­ans, half the people I have come across while vis­itin fam­ily in Oban have no idea how a round­about works. Noth­ing wrong with the cross­ing just people don’t know the high­way codes etc.’

Dun­can Fer­gu­son wrote: ‘It’s only an ac­ci­dent wait­ing to hap­pen for bad driv­ers!!its clear to see and lo­cal driv­ers are the worst!!be­ing dili­gent and notic­ing tings are be­ing part of be­ing a driver so it u don’t see that give it up!!!’

Saskia Cheney said: ‘Ac­ci­dent wait­ing to hap­pen! Far too much go­ing on there! Cross at the is­lands ei­ther side of it in­stead.’ Ian Fletcher said: ‘Ac­ci­dent wait­ing to hap­pen.’

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