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A video on The Oban Times Face­book page which shows a dan­ger­ous over­tak­ing ma­noeu­vre by a car com­ing out of Con­nel prompted com­ment.

Lau­rie Cameron posted: ‘The id­iots on the roads that cause the prob­lems as my­self and my son wit­nessed first hand this morn­ing!! I was sit­ting wait­ing to pull out of Dun­beg when some id­iot in an As­tra over­took a pickup tow­ing a boat right at the junc­tion. First of all, it was busy due to the time of day, school time, but he crossed the double white lines pro­ceed­ing to over­take in the fil­ter lane for Dun­beg!! peo­ple take stupid risks all the time.’

Paul Smith re­counted: ‘Had a Merc blind over­take me and a camper head­ing east on the Pop­pies cor­ner last sum­mer in the face of on­com­ing traf­fic. If I hadn’t stood on my brakes he would have had nowhere to go and folk would have died. Id­iot is an un­der­state­ment. You only see the po­lice with blues and twos on the way to an ac­ci­dent! Where are they?’ Sarah Ann Rodgers wrote: ‘There have been enough fa­tal­i­ties on this road caused by reck­less driv­ing; the sil­ver car barely got back into his lane and is a prime ex­am­ple of bad driv­ing!’ Gor­don Frame said: ‘The prob­lem with dan­ger­ous speed­ing driv­ers on most roads in the UK is down to three things. There is not a big enough de­ter­ent! Peo­ple who drive like this have no self-dis­ci­pline or re­spect for the High­way Code and fi­nally there are not enough traf­fic po­lice out there to en­force the law! Make speed­ing fines a min­i­mum of £1,000 then you might see them slow down. I read once that the au­to­mo­bile is the safest means of trans­port ... un­til you put a hu­man behind the wheel then facts and fig­ures show it then be­comes the most dan­ger­ous!’ See the video and read the full story at https://www.oban­

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