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A MAN wield­ing a knife and chas­ing peo­ple through a busy Oban ho­tel has been jailed for more than two years. Full story

A KILMELFORD man who went on a drink- and drugs­fu­elled ram­page with a knife in an Oban ho­tel, punched and chased an em­ployee, and threat­ened to throw him off the roof, has been jailed for 28 months.

Andrew David­son, 21, of 38 The Glebe, Kilmelford, pleaded guilty to as­sault on Septem­ber 29, 2016, plus two fur­ther charges of hav­ing a knife with­out rea­son­able ex­cuse or au­thor­ity, and of ut­ter­ing threats of vi­o­lence to a po­lice of­fi­cer, and threats of a sex­ual na­ture to­wards his wife.

Andrew David­son ap­peared at Oban Sher­iff Court on Mon­day May 8 with his brother, Christo­pher, also ac­cused of the first two charges, but dismissed af­ter his not guilty pleas were ac­cepted.

Procu­ra­tor fis­cal Eoin McGinty said 120 guests were in the ho­tel, and the em­ployee was in staff ac­com­mo­da­tion with his girlfriend when, at around 11.30pm, Andrew David­son, ac­com­pa­nied by Christo­pher, en­tered re­cep­tion car­ry­ing a fire ex­tin­guisher, de­mand­ing to see ‘another mem­ber of staff who was not on duty’.

‘[The em­ployee] re­peat­edly asked the ac­cused to stop shout­ing,’ Mr McGinty added, but Andrew David­son re­fused, shout­ing: ‘If you call the po­lice, I will come back with another 10 guys, and I will kill you.’

‘As [the em­ployee] was at­tempt­ing to phone the po­lice, the ac­cused pulled the phone ca­ble from the wall,’ Mr McGinty con­tin­ued. ‘ The ac­cused punched [the em­ployee] re­peat­edly on the head. In the con­fu­sion, the ac­cused then pro­duced a knife.’

Sher­iff Ruth An­der­son QC de­scribed the knife as 16 to 18 inches long, with a blade twothirds that length. The fis­cal said: ‘He then passed the knife to his brother. That knife was then taken from the ac­cused’s brother, and hidden by a mem­ber of staff.

‘The guests were ush­ered back to their rooms,’ Mr McGinty added, and the em­ployee and his girlfriend ran from the re­cep­tion back to their flat, but ‘they had been fol­lowed by the ac­cused, who be­gan to shout out­side the door and be­gan to kick and bang at the door. The door was bro­ken open, hav­ing been struck by the fire ex­tin­guisher.

‘Fear­ing for them­selves,’ Mr McGinty con­tin­ued, the cou­ple ‘climbed out of a win­dow and onto a roof. [She] thought her life was in dan­ger. The ac­cused caught up with [the em­ployee]. He was re­peat­edly punched and kicked on the head. Dur­ing the as­sault he was told re­peat­edly he would be thrown off the roof.’ The court heard it was the first floor roof of the restau­rant.

Once caught by po­lice, the ac­cused shouted: ‘Get off me you pig b******s. I know you.’ At Oban po­lice of­fice af­ter his ar­rest, Mr McGinty said: ‘He re­peat­edly re­ferred to the po­lice of­fi­cer’s wife by name. He said, “I know your wife”, and men­tioned her first name.’ The court heard he then ut­tered threats of a sex- ual na­ture to­wards her, adding: ‘I know where you live. Just wait till I am out. I will end yous.’

Mr McGinty added: ‘The ac­cused seemed off his head on some­thing. “He looked off his nut” was the phrase used.’

De­fence agent Ed­ward Thorn­ton said: ‘He was out of con­trol be­cause of an ex­ces­sive con­sump­tion of al­co­hol and drugs. He had been tak­ing co­caine. This was a habit that had started in prison. His rec­ol­lec­tion is not very clear.

‘He re­alises he is at a cross­roads. He had made se­ri­ous ef­forts to turn his life around. He has weaned him­self off drugs for the past two to three months and he has ob­tained em­ploy­ment.’

Sen­tenc­ing, Sher­iff Ruth An­der­son QC said: ‘I do not think there is any need for a re­port. I have a clear nar­ra­tive, as well as a full sched­ule of con­vic­tions.

‘This was dis­grace­ful be­hav­iour. The in­ci­dent lasted a long time: you con­tin­ued your ag­gres­sive be­hav­iour from the ho­tel to Oban po­lice sta­tion. It in­volved threats of a se­ri­ous na­ture. It is for­tu­nate for you [the em­ployee] did not suf­fer any in­jury.’

She im­pris­oned Andrew David­son for 24 months for as­sault, six months to run con­cur­rently for hav­ing the knife, and an ex­tra four months to run con­sec­u­tively for making sex­ual threats to the po­lice­man’s wife. ‘I take a se­ri­ous view of this,’ she said. ‘Po­lice can ex­pect abuse – that goes with the job. But this goes above and be­yond that.’

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