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Sir, Is­abel MacKen­zie (Letters, The Oban

Times, June 1) asks if some­one would ex­plain what the road sign ‘Let mo­tor­bikes over­take safely’ means.

There are sev­eral in­stances of these (and sim­i­lar) mes­sages in our re­gion. This is in re­sponse to sev­eral road traf­fic col­li­sions and one fa­tal­ity caused by driv­ers pulling out into the path of over­tak­ing mo­tor­cy­clists. The usual cause is be­cause the driver of the over­taken ve­hi­cle had demon­strated poor road sense and had not used their mir­rors cor­rectly. The High­way Code clearly states what is ex­pected and what is re­quired by law and in sum­mary in­cludes:

1. Be­fore over­tak­ing make sure the road is clear ahead, oth­ers are not be­gin­ning to over­take you and there is a suit­able gap in front of the road user you plan to over­take.

2. Do not get too close to the ve­hi­cle you in­tend to over­take.

3. Use your mir­rors, sig­nal when it is safe to do so, take a quick side­ways glance if nec­es­sary into the blind spot area and then start to move out.

4. If a driver is try­ing to over­take you, main­tain a steady course and speed, slow­ing down if nec­es­sary to let the ve­hi­cle pass. Never ob­struct driv­ers who wish to pass. Speed­ing up or driv­ing un­pre­dictably while some­one is over­tak­ing you is dan­ger­ous.

This does not mean (as Ms MacKen­zie writes) that the over­taken driver should ‘pull over’ or in­deed take any ac­tion other than con­tinue a steady course.

It is the duty of all road users to com­ply with the Road Traf­fic Act and the High­way Code, and mo­tor­cy­clists are no ex­cep­tion. Mo­tor­cy­clists are par­tic­u­larly vul­ner­a­ble road users and where a small ‘bump’ to a car driver may be in­con­ve­nient, to a mo­tor­cy­clist it could re­sult in a se­ri­ous in­jury or fa­tal­ity.

There can­not be any room for ad­ver­sar­ial be­hav­iour on our busy roads, and whether on two, four or mul­ti­ple axles, we should be driv­ing de­fen­sively and with care and con­sid­er­a­tion for all. Ge­off Nix, Ap­pin, Argyll.

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