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– Cale­do­nian Marts on Thurs­day July 13 sold 126 cattle com­pris­ing 77 prime bul­locks and heifers, five young bulls, and 44 cast cows and bulls. All classes of prime cattle again short of buy­ers’ re­quire­ments would be dearer on the week. Like­wise cast cows met the dear­est trade so far this year. Prime bul­locks av­er­aged – 215ppkg Prime heifers av­er­aged – 232ppkg Young bulls av­er­aged – 186ppkg Beef cows av­er­aged – 128ppkg Dairy cows av­er­aged – 108ppkg Cast bulls av­er­aged – 100ppkg Bul­locks sold to 250ppkg for a Bri­tish Blue from Tod­hall, Cu­par, pur­chased by J Hastie, Butcher, Mark­inch, and to £1671 for a Sim­men­tal from Mole­mount, Gal­ston. Heifers sold to 258ppkg for a Li­mousin from Learielaw, Brox­burn, pur­chased by T John­ston, Butch­ers, Falkirk, and to £1587 for a Bri­tish Blue from Tod­hall, Cu­par, to J Hastie, Butcher. Bul­locks ppkg; 248p (twice) Learielaw & Mead­owend 245p Main of Cult­malundie 240p & 238p Brock­woodlees, Mead­owend & Mains of Cult­malundie 235p Over Inzievar & Brock­woodlees 225p (twice) Rathil­let Heifers ppkg; 252p Tod­hall 250p Learielaw & Mead­owend 248p Over Inzievar 245p Wal­lace­ton & Mead­owend 242p (three times) Brock­woodlees & Moor­field 240p Rathil­let 238p Moor­field 235p Gel­van View, Moor­field & Mead­owend Also, for­ward were 44 cast cows and bulls. Beef cows sold to a top price of £1200 for an Aberdeen An­gus from Hume of Over­ton Farm Ltd and to 157.5ppkg for a Li­mouisn from W Dandie & Sons, Learielaw. Dairy cows sold to a top price of £1060 for a Friesian from G Mil­lar & Son, Gal­la­muir, and to 124.6ppkg from the same home. Cast bulls sold to £1050 for a Beef Shorthorn from H Greer, Gel­van View, Kin­ross. Other leading prices; Beef cows per head; £1150 Learielaw £1090 Cul­ty­brag­gan £1080 Lomond­muir £1000 Gart­fairn, Over­ton & Broom­park. Beef cows ppkg; 154p Lomond­muir 147p Easter Langhill 145p Cul­ty­brag­gan 142p Broom­park Black and Whites per head £930 Broom­park £ 830 Gal­la­muir £750 Wal­ton Black and Whites per kilo 123p & 122p Gal­la­muir 120p Broom­park 113p Wal­ton A smaller show of 10 dairy-bred calves were for­ward sell­ing to a top price of £ 290 for a Sim­men­tal X heifer calf from E Ersk­ine, Inchie. Leading prices per head:Ayr­shire bull calves £75 & £ 58 Baden­heath Friesian bull calves £ 60 Nyadd, £ 55 Bar­beth.


– United Auc­tions on Thurs­day July 13 sold 4381 prime sheep in­clud­ing 2913 new sea­son lambs sell­ing to an av­er­age of 211.9ppk, and 1468 ewes and rams. Spring lambs (2913) Lit­tle Raith (Suff) £125; West Lethans (Btex) £119; Easter Green­hill ( Tex) £118; Pen­ston (Char) £116. Spring lambs (2913) West Lethans (BTex) 253p; Easter­ton (Tex) 251p; South Flan­ders (Suff) 248p; Pen­ston (Char) 223p. Ewes (1468)- Lochhouse (Tex) £117; Wood­house of Cair­ness (Suff) £116; Broadleys (BFL) £112; For­est (Chev) £104;

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