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DAL­MALLY – United Auc­tions’ an­nual fair day show and sale of cat­tle held at Dal­mally on Friday July 28 saw an in­creased en­try of 412 top qual­ity store cat­tle and 36 breed­ing cat­tle on offer to a packed ring­side of buy­ers. Judg­ing was in the hands of Mr M Steel, Craig­nathro, For­far. Prize ListCharo­lais blk 1st Semple, Dip­pen 2nd Semple, Dip­pen 3rd Ron­ald, East Lag­gan Li­mousin blk 1st Currie, Low Du­nash­erry 2nd Semple, Dip­pen 3rd Buchanan, Achn­aba Charo­lais hfr 1st Semple, Dip­pen 2nd Semple, Dip­pen 3rd Mac­In­tyre, Glene­hervie Li­mousin hfr 1st Semple, Dip­pen 2nd Buchanan, Achn­aba 3rd Currie, Low Du­nash­erry Any other breed hfr 1st Lines, Kil­locraw Pen of Four blks 1st Semple, Dip­pen 2nd Lines, Kil­locraw 3rd Ron­ald, East Lag­gan Cham­pion Lines, Kil­locraw (BRB) 416kgs £1250. Re­serve Cham­pion Semple, Dip­pen (Lim) hfr 430kgs £1200. Best op­po­site sex to Cham­pion Semple Dip­pen (Char) blk 488kgs £1260. Bul­locks av­er­aged 251.59ppk to 313.80p for a 290kg LimX from Auch­goyle and £1390 for a 615kg CHX from Bale­greg­gan. Heifers av­er­aged 246.47ppk to 303.90p for a 408kg LimX from Strath­nafanaig and to £1350 for a 585kg CHX from Bale­greg­gan. Top Prices (Bul­locks) PPH- Carskiey (AA) £1350, £1320; Kil­locraw (BRB) £1100, £1080; Bale­greg­gan (Char) £1390, £1360; Tan­gas­dale (Gal) £1110; Dip­pen (Lim) £1210 & Uigle (Lim) £1200; Bale­greg­gan (Sim) £1170 & Strath (Sim) £1160 PPK- Point (AA) 277.30p & 262.50p; Ruaig (BRB) 308.20p & Kil­locraw (BRB) 269.60p; Point (Char) 291p & Cous­ton (Char) 280.40p; Auch­goyle (Lim) 313.80p & Scoor 295.90p; Kil­dal­loig (Lui) 273.40p & 268p; Bar­nakill (SH) 258.30p; Kill­daloig (Sim) 268p & Duallin 248.70p. Top prices (heifers) PPH- Kil­locraw (BRB) £1250; Bale­greg­gan (Char) £1350 & £1340; Uigle (Lim) £1310 & £1260; Kil­dal­loig (Lui) £820; Duallin (Sim) £960. PPK- Point (AA) 239.9p & Kil­dal­loig (AA) 235.6p; Kil­locraw (BRB) 300.50p & 264.70p; Dip­pen (Char) 291.70p & Cous­ton 276.50p; Strath­nafa­niag (Lim) 303.90p & Achn­aba (Lim) 302.20p; Muck­airn (Sim) 256.50p & Starth (Sim) 251.40p. Breed­ing cat­tle Led­char­rie (Cow with hfr calf) £1520. Led­char­rie (Cow with blk calf) £1270.

STIR­LING – United Auc­tions on Thursday July 27 sold 3938 prime sheep in­clud­ing 2760 lambs and sell­ing to an av­er­age of 188.9 and 1178 ewes and rams. Spring lambs – (2760) Wester Mid­dle­ton (Suff) £98.50; Easter­ton (BTex) £97; Ardgate (Tex) £116; Whit­brugh (Char) £88; Fullar­ton (Mule) £91. Spring lambs – (2760) Wester Mid­dle­ton (Suff) 216p; Easter­ton (BTex) 231p; Outer­ston (Tex) 233p; Gar­vald mains (Char) 193p; Lahill (Mule) 185p. Ewes – (1178) Gather­cauld (Tex) £132; Outer­ston (Suff) £117; Fullar­ton (BFL) £109; Shields (Mule) £104; Hill of Er­rol (Chev/ Mule) £95.00; Wester Mye (Chev) £88; Elm­scle­ugh £80. Tups – Ruch­law (Tex) £109; West Lundie (BTex) £87; Ar­dacher­an­mor (BF) £67.

STIR­LING – Cale­do­nian Marts on Thursday July 27 sold 146 cat­tle, com­pris­ing 101 prime bul­locks, heifers and young bulls, 45 cast cows and 20 young calves. Bul­locks sold to 250ppkg for a Li­mousin from J& J Wyl­lie, Knock­house, Dun­fermline, pur­chased by T John­ston, Butcher, Cow Wynd, Falkirk, and to an as­ton­ish­ing £1722 from C Smith, South Flan­ders, Kippen. Heifers sold to 248ppkg (twice) for Li­mousins from JH and NT Turnbull, Mead­owend, Clack­man­nan, and W Pet­ti­grew, Fask­ine, Air­drie to D Camp­bell and Son, Butcher, An­caster Square, Cal­lan­der and W W Wales Ltd, Butcher, Kil­marnock, and to a whop­ping £1616 for a Charo­lais from Harold Greer, Gel­van View, Kin­ross. Young bulls sold to 220ppkg for a Li­mousin from T and T Robert­son, Cre­ochill, Mauch­line to Charles Kirkpatrick and to a mas­sive £1760 from M Lyle, Mid Cam­bushin­nie, Dun­blane. Black and white Bulls to 182ppkg from D Pickard, Straiton, St Andrews, and to £1117 for the same an­i­mal. Prime bul­locks av­er­aged – 226ppkg Prime heifers av­er­aged – 225ppkg Young beef bulls av­er­aged – 203ppkg Young dairy bulls av­er­aged – 164ppkg Beef cows av­er­aged – 124ppkg Dairy cows av­er­aged –105ppkg Lead­ing prices Bul­locks ppkg; 248p Mead­owend and Knock­house 245p (twice) Knock­house, Kin­neil Mill and Over Inzievar 242p and 238p Knock­house and Mead­owend 240p Sheilds, Lochwin­noch 235p Barochan Cross 232p and 230p Easter­ton (Owen) Heifers ppkg; 245p Fask­ine, Kin­neil Mill and Over Inzievar 242p (twice) Gel­van View 240p (twice) Sheilds and Mead­owend 240p Flem­ing­ton 232p and 230p Barochan Cross, Green­craig and Pri­est­side Young bulls ppkg 218p and 215p Mains of Throsk 215p and 212p Cairn­bog 210p Easter Clune and Cauld­sheil Cat­tle Com­pany 208p South Hourat and Mains of Throsk In the cow sec­tion a poor show for­ward for qual­ity up­held re­cent rates. Beef cows to 160ppkg for a Li­mousin from T and R Craw­ford, Sheilds, Lochwin­noch. Other lead­ing prices; Beef cows per kilo; 140p Airthrey Kerse 138p Gel­van View and Gart­fairn 136p Fall­side, Camp­bel­town Dairy cows to 125ppkg from Cauld­sheil Cat­tle Com­pany, Hadding­ton, oth­ers to 124p and 122p Gal­la­muir. Also for­ward were 20 calves both dairy and beef. Top price of the day went to G Pater­son, Bar­beth, Cum­ber­nauld, with a Li­mousin X Heifer at £310. Lead­ing prices: Ayr­shire Bulls – £ 55, £40, £20 Baden­heath Black and White Bulls – £155, £94, £88, £60 Wester Lochdrum £55, £48, £48 Nyadd £92, £88, £75, £70, £68 Bar­beth. Li­mousin X Heifer – £250.

The cham­pion beast from Rodney Lines, Kil­locraw, his two chil­dren and judge Matthew Steel, Craig­nathro, For­far.

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