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needed, mean­ing the com­pul­sory pur­chase of the halls and the b&b al­low­ing 2 lane ac­cess from all di­rec­tions onto the round­about. Sim­ple as!’

Mark Stu­art said: ‘Us­ing Pub­lic Trans­port helps, but could do with Lots more in­put into Pub­lic trans­port in terms of fi­nances, a by-pass would help, with rail, trams, fer­ries or even air!’

Bar­clay­ish Adamski wrote sim­ply: ‘ Walk.’ Andy Kerr ad­vised: ‘En­joy the view, ride a bike or open a business sell­ing some­thing in car win­dows (or all 3).’

Colin Cooper prompted: ‘Peak time con­gestión charge. Free bus trans­port. Hire pedal bikes.’ Karen MacPher­son ad­vised: ‘By­pass and a park and ride fa­cil­ity.’ Marie Archer agreed: ‘By­pass road is long over­due the only so­lu­tion to this!!’

I en­tered Oban from the north, on Tues­day about 4pm and it was a night­mare. Traf­fic man­age­ment is def­i­nitely go­ing to hurt the town badly, if it isn’t al­ready.’ Gary Far­low pro­posed: ‘Build a main road on the out skirts of Oban so not ev­ery­one has to pass through the town to get to work at the other side, that is the only thing u can do, prob­lem solved.’

Gor­don Cooper re­called: ‘It was ever thus. Years ago, there were two traf­fic war­dens who kept the traf­fic flow­ing and di­rected it to park­ing ar­eas near what is now Tesco. How­ever they were so abused and one phys­i­cally as­saulted that they left.’ Davie Walker posted: ‘High School junc­tion is a joke and the big­gest cause of all the chaos. A large round­about is

Oban’s prob­lems with traf­fic con­ges­tion, es­pe­cially at this time with thou­sands of visi­tors to the area, caused con­sid­er­able com­ment.

An­gela Mar­shall com­plained: ‘If there maybe was less traf­fic lights to be stuck at traf­fic may flow bet­ter, other towns I’ve vis­ited use pedes­trian cross­ings rather tthan umpteen traf­fic light and many of them so close to­gether why!!!!! The high school junc­tion is a joke 45mins it took me yes­ter­day at 3pm to get from hos­pi­tal to lidl then traf­fic flowed fine it’s so frus­trat­ing.’

Jimmy Mc­Cal­lum sug­gested: ‘An Oban by-pass would be good, but in re­al­ity most folk are ei­ther in Oban try­ing to get out, or out­side Oban, try­ing to get in. The amount of traf­fic head­ing ‘through,’ north, or south, is prob­a­bly much less, I’d have thought?

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