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STIR­LING – Cale­do­nian Marts on Thurs­day, Au­gust 3 sold 193 cat­tle. Prime bul­locks av­er­aged – 228ppkg Prime heifers av­er­aged – 229ppkg Young bulls av­er­aged – 210ppkg Beef cows av­er­aged – 138ppkg Dairy cows av­er­aged –107ppkg Cast bulls av­er­aged – 121ppkg The sale com­prised of 95 bul­locks, heifers, 10 young bulls, 98 cast cows and bulls. More prime cat­tle for­ward and a bet­ter show for qual­ity would again be dearer on the week. Cast cows an ex­cel­lent show for num­bers for the time of year, all classes met the dear­est trade to date. Prime bul­locks sold to 250ppkg for a Li­mousin from Brock­woodlees, Canon­bie, to J Gil­vear & Sons and to £1598 from the same farm. Prime heifers sold to 250ppkg for a Li­mousin from Moor­field, Kil­marnock, to D Camp­bell & Son, Butch­ers, Cal­lan­der, and to £1635 from Brock­woodlees. Young bulls to 218ppkg (twice) for Li­mousins from Bol­fornought, Stir­ling, and Mains of Throsk, Stir­ling, and to £1696 from Bol­fornought. Lead­ing prices Bul­locks ppkg; 248p Bankhead (Kerr) 245p Blairs­green, Bankhead & Brock­woodlees 242p Balquhar­rage, Maw­carse, Moor­field & Brock­woodlees 240p Brock­woodlees, Blairs­green, Moor­field & Easter­ton (Owen) 238p & 235p Easter­ton, Fask­ine, Class­lochie & Maw­carse 232p Mains of Cult­malundie, Maw­carse & Moor­field Heifers ppkg; 248p (twice) Moor­field, Class­lochie 245p Car­ris­ton, Fask­ine, Class­lochie & Spit­tal (Gard­ner) 242p Car­ris­ton & Brock­woodlles 240p Pirn­hall & Class­lochie 238p & 235p An­n­field John­ston), Balquhar­rage, Turniemoon & Blairs­green 232p (twice) Meikle Seg­gie, Pirn­hall & Black­hill 230p Turniemoon & Craigquar­ter Young bulls ppkg 215p Easter­ton (Gra­ham) & Mains of Throsk 210p Bankhead (Kerr) 202p Glassin­gall Also for­ward were 98 cast cows and bulls. Beef cows av­er­aged 138ppkg sell­ing to 196.6ppkg for an out­stand­ing Li­mousin from M Jack,Car­ris­ton, Star of Mark­inch, Fife and to £1590 for an Aberdeen An­gus from A& J M Tay­lor, Mosshall, Black­burn. Dairy cows av­er­aged 107ppkg sell­ing to 132.8ppkg from W Waugh, North Bankhead, Avon­bridge and to £1100 from A J Mackie, High Bell­trees, Lochwin­noch. Beef cows per head £1440 Wester Thomas­ton £1290 (twice) Dalchirla £1270 Mosshall & Car­ris­ton £1260 Prathouse £1200 Drumelzier £1160 Gib­s­ley & Wal­ton. Dairy cows per head £1020 Muir­cot £980 North Bankhead £850, £790 & £780 Mel­drum £780 Bar­beth. Bulls per head £1380 Old Leckie £1360 Kirk­ton £1340 Ard­nave (Is­lay) Beef cows per kilo 181.3p Wal­ton 179.6p Wester Thomas­ton 178.6p Easter­ton (Owen) 175.3p Dalchirla 172.1p Prathouse 163.9p Ard­nave (Is­lay) 161.1p Bal­labeg Dairy cows per kilo 125.4p Mel­drum 124.4p High Bell­trees 123p Knock­raich 121.2p Mel­drum 117.8p Knock­raich, Bar­beth & Muir­cot Bulls per kilo 134.5p Old Leckie 131.9p Ard­nave 124.1p Kirk­ton.

STIR­LING – United Auc­tions on Thurs­day Au­gust 3 sold 5446 prime sheep in­clud­ing 3888 lambs av­er­age 188.2p/ kg, and 1558 ewes and rams. West and Cen­tral Suf­folk club show of prime lambs ably judged by Mr L Arm­strong, cham­pion pen Mr I Reid, Isle Cot­tage at £96.50. Re­serve cham­pion M/S Barr, Lay­den, £106. Lambs (3888) Cairn (Tex) £123; Isle Cot­tage (BTex) £116; South Flan­ders (Suff) £110; Hume­ston (Char) £83; Auchen­rivoch (Mule) £87.50. Lambs (3888) God­dens (BTex) 246p; Faulds (Tex) 225p; Isle Cot­tage (Suff) 220p; Hume­ston (Char) 197p; As­loss (Mule) 182p. Ewes (1558)- Cairn (Tex) £147; Hume­ston (Char) £127; Broom­knowes (Suff) £125; Easter Mye (Mule) £98; Shanry (Chev/ Mule) £94.00; Elm­scle­ugh (BF) £73; Tups – Den­side (Suff) £104; Dalma­hoy (BF) £75 ; Clatto (Char) £74.

STIR­LING – United Auc­tions on Wed­nes­day Au­gust 2 sold 589 store cat­tle, na­tive bred cat­tle and young bulls also for­ward 137 cast cows. Bul­locks (342) -av­er­aged 236.89p to 310.90ppk for a 238kg LimX from Dru­moi­der and to £1470 for a 636kg CHX from Ash­field. Heifers (206) av­er­aged 227.58p to 267.70ppk for a 325kg SimX from Dru­moi­der and £1230 for a 239.8kg LimX from Cowans. B&W Bul­locks (39) av­er­aged 156.80p to 192.60ppkg for a 488kg HFX from Tan­hill and £980 for a 587kg BFX from Lind­say­ton. Cast cows (137) av­er­aged 133.82p to 197.20ppk for a AAX from Syming­ton Mains and £1350 for a LimX from Loan­head Of Duchally. Dairy cows (12) av­er­aged 108.79p to 161.90ppk for a HFX from Over­ton and £885 for a HFX from Meikle Camo­quhill. Bul­locks: Up to 250kgsDru­moi­der £740, 310.90p; 251-300kgs- Dru­moi­der £800, Dru­moi­der 294.10p; 301-350kgs- Dru­moi­der £870, Gate­side 278.10p; 351- 400kgs- Croft­head £1070, 268.80; 401- 450kgs- Graystale £1095, Croft­head 261.20p; 451-500kgs- Mid­lock £1210, Hil­lview 249.50p; 501-550kgsCowans £1310, 238.80p; 551- 600kgs – Cowans £1440, 237.60p; 601- 650kgs- Ash­field £1470, 231.10p. Heifers: Up to 250kgsDru­moi­der £630, 252.00p; 251-300kgs- Burn­foot £740, 245.80p; 301-350kg- Chapel £835, Dru­moi­der 264.70p; 351- 400kgs- Ma­haar £980, Croft­head 252.10p; 401- 450kgsMa­haar £1070, 252.40p; 451-500kgs- Cowans £1175, 241.80p; 501-550kgs- Burn­brae £1230, 223.60p; 551- 600kgsCowans £1230, 222.80p. OTM cows: £ per head- Loan­head Of Duchally (Lim) £1350; In­ner­wick (Sim) £1270; Syming­ton Mains (AA) £1190; Pitkevy (CH) £1150; Laigh­park (BRB) £1070; Par­broath (Sal) £1055; Laigh­park (Cont) £1030; Meikle Camo­quhill (MO) £1030. PPK- Syming­ton Mains (AA) 197.70p; Loan­head of Duchally (Lim) 196.80p; Syming­ton Mains (Sim) 188.20p; Pitkevy (CH) 176.50p; West Park (BRB) 170.40p; Laigh­park (Cont) 157.70p; Par­broath (Sal) 152.50p; Meikle Camo­quhill (MO) 136.60P. OTM bulls: £ per head- Bal­lik­in­rain (Lim) £1510; Loan­head of Duchally (BS) £1390; Par­broath (AA) £1350; Wester Coilechat (CH) £1290. PPK- Kin­neil Mill (Lim) 160.30p; New­park (AA) 152.00p; Loan­head of Duchally (BS) 129.70p; Wester Coilechat (CH) 120.60p.

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