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There was a surge of com­ment about Argyll and Bute Coun­cil’s de­ci­sion not to ‘live-stream’ its meet­ings. We asked if coun­cil meet­ings should be broad­cast.

Michael An­drew Ma­cLeod af­firmed: ‘Yes they should. Any­thing that in­creases ac­count­abil­ity and de­mys­ti­fies the work­ings of a coun­cil can only be good. Would I watch it all the time? No, would I watch if there was an agenda item that was of in­ter­est to me? Yes.’ Stephen Fair said: ‘High­land Coun­cil has been pub­lish­ing their head­quar­ters meet­ings for a few years now. It’s a ter­rific fa­cil­ity for cus­tomers given their large geo­graphic area. Argyll and Bute Coun­cil could read­ily adopt a sim­i­lar set up, and reap sim­i­lar ben­e­fits.’

Jill Bowis urged: ‘Hav­ing asked the First Min­is­ter when we had the Par­lia­ment here in Oban sev­eral years ago this ex­act ques­tion, and she told us all that there was fund­ing for it, and it was some­thing that all coun­cils were be­ing en­cour­aged to do, and oth­ers al­ready do­ing it. YES .. ABC are play­ing the Cost card falsely. There is al­ready equip­ment, there is fund­ing, and Even if they were not live, they could be recorded TO­DAY .. and up­loaded with barely any cost.’

Michelle Mac wrote: ‘Ev­ery­where else does it in­clud­ing Par­lia­ment, they are paid by the tax payer, an­swer­able to us & a re­cent pe­ti­tion over­whelm­ingly sup­ported live stream­ing . If they refuse they should be voted out or sacked for not com­ply­ing with over­whelm­ing pub­lic de­mand.’

Katharine El­wis agreed: ‘Yes. I’ve spent ages find­ing min­utes from Coun­cil meet­ings to re­veal the truth about who said what. It would be a lot eas­ier if pro­ceed­ings were tele­vised and broad­cast like other coun­cils.’

John Beaton posted: Yes, of course. It’s not enough to only pro­duce a minute nowa­days, I want to see and hear the dis­cus­sion be­hind coun­cil de­ci­sions and lis­ten again if I want to.’

Laura Mac­don­ald said: ‘Wouldn’t watch but don’t have a prob­lem with it de­pend­ing where the money would come from. Wouldn’t want money taken away from other things if only 3 peo­ple would ac­tu­ally be watch­ing.’ Murdo MacKen­zie wrote: ‘Yes. If they have noth­ing to hide they should have noth­ing to fear.’

Robert McCall of­fered: ‘Good enough for the Scot­tish Gov­ern­ment.. Then why are our coun­cil so re­sis­tant to it ?’ Al­lan Strang Jnr posted: ‘Yeah. What’s to hide. Prove your elec­toral vot­ers to have the faith or do we just go with the same rub­bish ev­ery Coun­cil sit­ting...’ David Glen­cross asked: ‘Pub­lic ser­vants or self serv­ing un­ac­count­able rogues?’

Chris­tine Richards said: ‘Yes par­tic­u­larly plan­ning meet­ings.’

Stu­art Craine rea­soned: ‘I think the ben­e­fits of broad­cast­ing via a web­site to the pub­lic are ob­vi­ous. It will open up the de­bates and al­low ev­ery­one quick and easy ac­cess to the gen­eral dis­cus­sions done on our be­half.’

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