It was more than a friend­ship af­ter a bot­tle of Frosty Jacks

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The women see it as the per­fect deal as Jess is now plan­ning to go on a hol­i­day of a life­time with the money.

Elaine said: “It feels so right to have a baby with Jamie.

“This lit­tle per­son com­pletes our fam­ily. Be­fore, it felt like there was some­thing miss­ing. My life has new mean­ing.

“Peo­ple will be crit­i­cal but who are they to judge?

“I’ll love this baby as much as if I gave birth my­self.

“Whether the baby has come from Face­book makes no dif­fer­ence to how I will be as a mother.”

The cou­ple have en­coun­tered jibes about their age gap since they first be­came an item seven years ago.

Jamie was only 16 when he be­friended Elaine, who had moved on to his street in Grimsby, Lincs, with her daugh­ter.

Elaine de­vel­oped a soft spot for Jamie, who kept com­ing round to have his tea.

She said: “There was never any in­ten­tional ‘ph­woar he’s younger than me’ or any­thing like that.”

Two years on, their re­la­tion­ship pro­gressed to the next stage – over a glass or two of cider.

Elaine said: “It turned into more than just a friend­ship af­ter a bot­tle of Frosty Jacks.”

Jamie moved in with Elaine which sparked a mas­sive back­lash from their fam­i­lies.

His mother was up­set that her friend and her son were to­gether and Jamie’s dad told him that he was mak­ing mis­take.

But Jamie said: “I’m sat here seven years later with the same part­ner, and he’s had two wives since. My mum is now ab­so­lutely fine. She has a few digs now and then.” Jamie added: “But I’ve not spo­ken to my dad since he said that.” Her grown-up daugh­ter, who is 26 and due to have a baby of her own in De­cem­ber, stopped speak­ing to her mum ear­lier this year. But Elaine said: “I love my daugh­ter but I had the urge to be­come a mother again with Jamie and that is my de­ci­sion, no­body else’s. “I needed to do this and I have fol­lowed my heart so I can only hope that she un­der­stands that one day.” The cou­ple wanted to tie the knot but Elaine is still mar­ried to her es­tranged hus­band and claims she can­not af­ford a di­vorce. I nstead s he s howed her com­mit­ment to Jamie four years ago by chang­ing her sur­name to Hynes. But the move backfired. Jamie said: “We thought it’d stop there be­ing any stigma about her be­ing older and me be­ing younger if she changed her name.

“We thought it’d stop all that ‘Is that your mum?’ jokes and all that c**p. We didn’t re­alise it would make it worse be­cause we’ve both got the same name.

“That was years ago. Those jokes are be­hind us now be­cause I looked a lot younger than I do now.”

De­spite be­ing happy to­gether, the cou­ple felt that some­thing was miss­ing and Elaine said she wanted to have another baby.

But af­ter giv­ing birth to her sec­ond child, Elaine’s par­ents con­vinced her to be ster­ilised so she was un­able to con­ceive.

She said: “Jamie and I loved each other to bits and we want to get mar­ried, but there was this void, a weird feel­ing of empti­ness.”

Elaine found her­self look­ing long­ingly through Face­book pages ad­ver­tis­ing sur­ro­gates.

Over two years Elaine found a num­ber of women will­ing to carry their baby, but the pair were dev­as­tated when two pulled out

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