Priti is muddy stupid

Grandpa would cringe at how Pa­tel plunged into the muck WILDLIFE min­is­ter Therese Cof­fey says she hasn’t dis­cussed con­serv­ing an­telopes with African politi­cians. Oh deer oh deer.

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I AM old enough to have had a grand­fa­ther who fought in the First World War and 100 years ago today he was up to his knees in French mud.

To be strictly ac­cu­rate he didn’t do much fight­ing be­cause he was an Army medic and a vol­un­teer, not a con­script.

Grandpa was 17 when he signed up, one of 250,000 young men who lied about their age be­cause 19 was the le­gal min­i­mum age for over­seas ser­vice.

He only did it be­cause his girl­friend said he would look dash­ing in uni­form. But when he turned up in it, with the wire taken out of his new peaked cap in a dev­il­may- care fash­ion, she ditched him.

This had noth­ing to do with his non-reg­u­la­tion head­gear, but be­cause she didn’t want a boyfriend who was go­ing to spend the next few years bur­rowed away in for­eign fox­holes.

The Army de­cided that as he looked so young he might strug­gle to haul a ri­fle so they made him a stretcher­bearer in­stead.

Grandpa laughed all this off to me. But I reckon he was qui­etly warn­ing his young grand­son against the per­fidy of women.

To do so today would be sex­ist, but he came from a dif­fer­ent age.

And I do won­der, on t his Re­mem­brance Sun­day, what he would make of the present one. My grand­fa­ther lived through the reigns of po­lit­i­cal gi­ants such as David Lloyd Ge­orge, Stan­ley Bald­win, Win­ston Churchill and Clem At­tlee.

Priti Pa­tel isn’t ex­actly in the same league.

But I was as­ton­ished to hear vet­eran Tory MP Bernard Jenkin ex­cuse her be­hav­iour on the grounds that min­is­ters are ill- pre­pared for high of­fice and need help.

Come again? Run­ning the coun­try isn’t meant to be work ex­pe­ri­ence.

All min­is­ters are new to the job when they’re first ap­pointed.

Nei­ther Tony Blair nor David Cameron had held min­is­te­rial of­fice be­fore they be­came PM. Among Ms Pa­tel’s mis­de­meanours was to of­fer Bri­tish tax­pay­ers’ cash to the Is­raeli armed forces.

How off her trol­ley did she have to be to do that?

My grandpa did not tol­er­ate fools. Nor does Theresa May.

And Priti Pa­tel was up to her knees in the mud of her own stu­pid­ity.

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