AFTER LOST DOCS ARE FOUND Was owner of paedo palace who kept list of VIP vis­i­tors mur­dered? Files cops said were de­stroyed cast doubt on sui­cide ver dict

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was taken there as a child claimed he was plied with drink and made to wear a fairy cos­tume while abusers chased him.

The files even raise a ques­tion mark about Mrs Kasir’s home coun­try.

The of­fi­cial re­port says she was born of the chil­dren’s home, was also ar­rested and charged and as the coro­ner’s pa­pers show, was con­victed as a pae­dophile after he left Rich­mond Coun­cil.

St­ing­more died just be­fore he was due to face trial so one of the charges re­lated to bring­ing a boy to Elm Guest House was never tested in court.

McSweeney’s of­fences did not in­volve the guest house.

In early 1983 Mrs Kasir was con­victed with her hus­band in Ger­many as Ca­role Weitz­man, based on evidence given to the in­quest by her es­tranged hus­band Ha­roon Kasir.

But a close fam­ily mem­ber says she was born in Lon­don don and may have had the sur­name rname Jones. A Ha­roon Kasir of run­ning nning a dis­or­derly house.

Although the iden­ti­ties nti­ties of many of the VIP vis­i­tors itors has been a source of spec­u­la­tion, tion, po­lice con­firmed to a Chan­nel nnel 4 Dis­patches pro­gramme mme that Smith – whose pae­dophile dophile ac­tiv­i­ties at Rochdale ale are cur­rently be­ing ex­am­ined mined by the in­de­pen­dent t child sex abuse in­quiry – did visit the guest house. cam­paigner said: “The fact that there are David Walker, who was a GP from the ques­tion marks over the ba­sics makes you prac­tice where Mrs Kasir had been a won­der what else went wrong. The whole pa­tient for 14 years, cast doubt on whether thing needs re-ex­am­in­ing.” she had killed her­self. Deputy Labour lea leader Tom m Wat­son The ev evidence said she had was told by the Met Metropoli­tan tan at­tem at­tempted sui­cide in 1982, when Po­lice that ALL the doc­u­ments do nts the guest house was raided, A fresh look re­lat­ing to the inqu in­quest had d been be hos­pi­talised after an been de­stroyed. over­dose o in 1984 and had a at Ca­role’s death Now it has emerge emerged that drink­ing prob­lem in 1989 in­for­ma­tion is un untrue. and was a heavy smoker. could show she was Ham­mer­smith But he said: “When there mur­dered coro­ner’s court, , are a mar­i­tal dif­fi­cul­ties you which h held the he see se the pa­tient in a de­pressed i nquest nque has lig light. Some­times she was rele re­leased cheer cheer­ful and friendly. I would r redacted ac­counts of not ex­pect her to com­mit sui­cide.” the coro­ner’s notes, The post­mortem re­port and the poi­sons seen by the Sun­day unit re­port both show she had no al­co­hol Peo­ple. in her body at the time of death. Evidence given by

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