An ex­tra slice of cook­ery with a truly scrump­tious cake

make it this lus­cious Free-from Hot Choco­late Cake

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Course: Sweet treat Skill level: easy Serves: 10

300 g (10½ oz) su­gar

300 g (10½ oz) but­ter (or ve­gan but­ter) 4 eggs (or 4 tbs chick­pea flour mixed with 8 tbs wa­ter) 50 g (1¾ oz) co­coa 300 g (10½ oz) Doves Farm Self Rais­ing Flour Free From Gluten 175 ml (6 fl oz) milk (or ve­gan milk) 2tsp vanilla ex­tract For the Fill­ing: 250 g (9 oz) but­ter (or ve­gan but­ter) 300 g (10½ oz) ic­ing su­gar For the Top­ping: 200 g (7 oz) double cream (or ve­gan cream) 200 g (7 oz) milk choco­late (or dairy-free choco­late) 25 g (1 oz) mini marsh­mal­lows (or ve­gan marsh­mal­lows)

1 tsp co­coa

1 Pre-heat oven to 190 deg. C., 375 deg. F., Gas Mark 5. Line three 20 cm (8 in) round cake tins with bak­ing parch­ment.

2 In a bowl, mix to­gether the su­gar and but­ter un­til light and fluffy. Beat in two eggs, one at a time (or the chick­pea and wa­ter mix­ture), fol­lowed by the co­coa. Add the re­main­ing eggs one at a time. Stir in half the flour, then the milk and vanilla, then beat in the re­main­ing flour.

3 Di­vide the mix­ture be­tween the pre­pared cake tins. Bake in the pre-heated oven for 30 to 35 min­utes.

4 To make the fill­ing, beat the but­ter un­til light and fluffy, then beat in the ic­ing su­gar.

5 Di­vide the mix­ture be­tween the top of two cold cakes and spread it evenly. Place one sponge on top of the other, then place the fi­nal sponge on top.

6 To make the top­ping, heat the cream in a saucepan un­til al­most boil­ing, then re­move from the heat and stir in the choco­late. Al­low the mix­ture to cool for 5 min­utes then spread it over the top and sides of the cake.

7 Scat­ter marsh­mal­lows over the cake and dust lightly with co­coa.

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