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Red onions, which are sweeter than the white va­ri­eties, are packed with nu­tri­tional plant com­pounds called an­tho­cyanins and quercetins.

Not only can these com­pounds help re­move bad choles­terol, which can cause heart at­tacks and strokes, from the body (while re­tain­ing the body’s good choles­terol), they also ap­pear to be ex­cel­lent at killing can­cer cells.

It seems the an­tho­cyanins and quercetins found in the dark lay­ers of the onion work by cre­at­ing an un­favourable en­vi­ron­ment for can­cer cells, so in­hibit­ing their growth and stop­ping the spread of the dis­ease through the body.

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