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QI’m fas­ci­nated by the Galá­pa­gos Is­lands and all the weird and won­der­ful crea­tures that re­side there. Can you tell me how long the is­lands’ gi­ant tor­toises live for? Miss P.S., Perth.

AThe av­er­age life­span of these tor­toises, which are na­tive to seven of the Galá­pa­gos Is­lands, can be in ex­cess of a hun­dred years. They spend around six­teen hours a day rest­ing and can grow to four or five feet in length. The dif­fer­ences noted be­tween those liv­ing in drier cli­mates, com­pared to those from colder cli­mates on the is­lands, con­tributed to Charles Dar­win’s ob­ser­va­tions and his the­ory of evo­lu­tion. These slow-mov­ing her­bi­vores can also sur­vive for a year with­out food or wa­ter.

QCould you please tell me any­thing about the lit­tle girl who looks like she is singing in the new AA break­down ad­vert, or is it a com­put­erised lit­tle girl? Mrs F.P., Bev­er­ley.

AThe AA ac­tu­ally posted de­tails on their web­site giv­ing the hid­den sto­ries be­hind the scenes of that ad. The lit­tle girl sit­ting in the back of the bro­ken-down car giv­ing her ren­di­tion of “Proud Mary” cer­tainly steals the show. How­ever, although this cute curly-haired tod­dler (she’s only two-and-a-half) is real, the voice is that of a six-year-old and the singer’s mouth was su­per­im­posed over the tot’s.

QCan you set­tle a de­bate, please? Who was the ac­tress who starred in the movie “Out Of Africa”?

Mrs E.H., Liver­pool.

AThis was Meryl Streep. She starred along­side Robert Red­ford in this 1985 big-screen ro­mance.

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