So which came first... the egg or the lit­tle egg?

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A GRAND­MOTHER made a crack­ing dis­cov­ery while tuck­ing into her din­ner – a tiny egg within an egg!

Shell-shocked Janet Whin­cup (61) was hap­pily munch­ing away at her toast sol­diers and boiled egg last week when she no­ticed that some­thing hard was pre­vent­ing her from dunk­ing her toast any fur­ther.

The mys­tery ob­ject turned out to be a minia­ture brown speck­led egg, mea­sur­ing about one inch in di­am­e­ter, in­side the large egg.

Mrs Whin­cup, of Lit­tle North­fields, Bar­nack, was shocked by her dis­cov­ery but got in touch with the ET to find out how rare a phe­nom­e­non it is.

Mrs Whin­cup, a mother-of-three and grand­mother-of-six, said: “I had just got through to the first yoke with my sol­diers when I hit some­thing hard.

“I thought ‘oh that’s strange’ be­cause the first yoke was soft and this sec­ond one was rock hard and try as I might I couldn’t break through it.

“At first I thought it could be a stone but my to my as­ton­ish­ment it turned out to be an­other egg.”

Mrs Whin­cup and her hus­band Perry (68) reg­u­larly buy eggs from the Plant Eggs shop in the nearby Bain­ton. Af­ter mak­ing the shock dis­cov­ery Mrs

Whin­cup de­cided not to eat the re­main­ing big­ger egg and threw it out.

But she has de­cided to keep the small egg, which she de­scribes as be­ing like a “pi­geon’s egg”, as a me­mento.

Mrs Whin­cup added: “I couldn’t be­lieve my eyes when I found it.

“To be hon­est the whole episode has put me off eat­ing boiled eggs but it’s left me very in­trigued.

“I have never come across any­thing like this be­fore and my friends and fam­ily are equally puz­zled by it.

“I’m keep­ing the mini egg as a me­mento for the time be­ing. It’s brown and speck­led, like a per­fect pi­geon’s egg.

“For the past few days I’ve been try­ing to find out how rare this is. I’ve been on Google and put mes­sages on Face­book.

“All my friends and fam­ily are equally puz­zled. I’ve never seen any­thing like it be­fore.”

A spokes­woman for the Bri­tish Egg In­for­ma­tion Ser­vice said that the phe­nom­e­non is very rare but ex­plained by a young hen lay­ing an egg but whose re­pro­duc­tive sys­tem is not fully de­vel­oped.

She said: “Find­ing an egg within an­other egg is very rare.

“The process is sim­i­lar to dou­ble yolk­ers and is of­ten caused by young hens whose re­pro­duc­tive sys­tems are not fully de­vel­oped.

“Some­times eggs can get stuck in their ovaries and de­velop ab­nor­mal­i­ties be­fore be­ing laid.”

A spokes­woman for the Depart­ment for the En­vi­ron­ment, Food and Ru­ral Af­fairs (De­fra), added: “This is does sound like a very un­usual dis­cov­ery.

“We cer­tainly have not been con­tacted about some­one find­ing an egg within an egg be­fore.”

EGGSTRAORDINARY: Judy Whin­cup with her mini dou­ble egg

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