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MR (or Mrs?) Lan­caster has missed the point.

It is not a ques­tion of “is the square bet­ter than it used to be?” The ques­tion is: “is the square as good as it could be?” and the an­swer is no!

It does not live up to the hy­per­bole and prom­ise. Op­por­tu­nity Peter­bor­ough has missed an op­por­tu­nity.

The point­less patches of grass out­side St John’s are use­less. If they had been raised flowerbeds with lots of benches and scented plants and flow­ers, it would have been bet­ter.

If there had been a rest­ful pool out­side St John’s to re­flect the lovely ar­chi­tec­ture, it would have been bet­ter.

If the mar­ket had been put back to bring some life, ac­tiv­ity and su­per­vi­sion, it would have been bet­ter.

If a lift had been in­stalled to ac­cess the first floor of the but­ter cross (say for a tea room or in­for­ma­tion of­fice), it would have been bet­ter.

If trees had been planted along Church Street, it would have been bet­ter.

If the paving had been good old York stone slabs in­stead of these dark and dingy tiles, it would have been bet­ter.

What we have is sec­ond rate. Mr (or Mrs?) Lan­caster’s let­ter is like telling us we should be grate­ful for what we have been given be­cause it could have been worse – what sort of am­bi­tion is that?

I am just sur­prised he (or she) has not said: “You’ve never had it so good” like Su­per­mac!


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