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Re: Let­ter: Lo­cal democ­racy was elec­tion’s big­gest loser, May 9.

Coun­cil­lor Min­ers has a point – so few peo­ple voted that even he got voted in – in spite of hold­ing such lu­di­crous and in­sult­ing ideas as frog-march­ing Peter­bor­ough’s cit­i­zens to the vot­ing booths! I have to agree with Mr Brown. The thing that an­noys me most about politi­cians is that when a party loses an elec­tion, they never say the public made a ra­tio­nal decision – they al­ways say that they did not man­age to ex­plain their poli­cies clearly enough to the vot­ers (as if we were all thick). I voted, but I think it is high time politi­cians acted with a bit more hu­mil­ity and ac­cepted that the elec­torate are just as in­tel­li­gent as they are, and if peo­ple choose not to vote it is not be­cause they are im­be­ciles. If we wanted a truly rep­re­sen­ta­tive coun­cil, we should not vote for coun­cil­lors at all – we should have them cho­sen at ran­dom from the elec­toral reg­is­ter in the same way as jury ser­vice and paid to com­pen­sate for the dis­rup­tion with child care, etc. and just for one or two years. That way there would be no ca­reer politi­cians, no backscratch­ing, no op­por­tu­nity to do deals to stay in power and no pre­dom­i­nance of el­derly men suf­fer­ing with high self­es­teem syn­drome. It would be or­di­nary peo­ple with com­mon sense like you and me run­ning things.

Mavis Enderby and if most votes are cast for this op­tion, each party has to come to the elec­torate again with fresh, more pop­ulist, poli­cies?


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