‘ Bosses should be ap­plauded’

The Peterborough Evening Telegraph - - Speedway -

Speed­way is sup­posed to be a pro­fes­sion­al­sport­bu­ti­ti­s­again threat­en­ing to de­scend into a soap­opera. And Pan­thers, for the sec­ond time in three years, are caught up right in the mid­dle of the­lat­est­pol­i­tics- ladenspat. In 2010 it­was un­doubt­edly their own do­ing as they boldly took on the whole speed­way sys­tem. Turn the clock for­ward to this win­ter and they find them­selves fight­ing their cor­ner again. This time they are the club on the back- foot though and they should be ap­plauded for their stance re­gard­ing three of their­sought- af­ter­ridin­gas­sets. They as­sure us they are not at­tempt­ing­to­pre­ven­tany­ofthe cen­tral characters in the cur­rent de­ba­cle - Niels Kris­tian Iversen, Troy Batch­e­lor and Hans An­der­sen, who are all wanted else­where - from rid­ing in­Bri­tish speed­way. The­yare­merely­standin­gup for­what they feel is right an­dif that means play­ing hard- ball, thenso be it. The end re­sult may well go against them and all three rid­ers could end up out on loan again ( Iversen at King’s Lynn, the other pair at Swin­don), but Pan­thers are clearly not about to be­walked all over by rid­ers, other club­sor even­the­gov­ern­ing body. Plenty will sup­port their ac­tions in try­ing­toen­surethey getwhat is right for their club. Many oth­ers will­not. Theonethin­gal­mostev­ery­one will agree on is that the as­set sys­temin Bri­tish speed­way is out- datedand­flawed. No such thing ex­ists in the other ma­jor speed­way na­tions suchasPoland and Swe­den. There, as in other sports, rid­ers sim­ply agree a deal with aclub­for­a­given­length­of­time. There are plenty of peo­ple who­thinkit­shouldbe­scrapped here­aswell. Sad­lyi­tis­notquite as easy as that. Axe it and plenty of clubs will be mas­sively out of pocket as they see their sta­bles of rid­ers whisked away. They won’t stand for that. Keep it and things could con­tinue to get ugly as rid­ers at­tempt to se­cure team spots - and clubs with few as­sets of their own will al­ways be will­ing to take them. That’s ex­act­ly­wherewe are now. We’ll­prob­a­bly­betherenext win­ter too. And the one af­ter that . . .

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