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I write to say how­muchIob­ject to Ste­wart Jack­son’s ar­ti­cles in your news­pa­per. As a politi­cian I ac­cept that Mr Jack­son will pro­mote his own party line. How­ever, it is not ac­cept­able to al­low him to at­tack other par­ties with­out a re­sponse fromthem. His­ar­ti­cle last week spent al­most as much time at­tack­ing Labour as it did pro­mot­ing Con­ser­va­tive poli­cies. If his ar­ti­cles are to con­tinue in the same vein you must also in­clude an ar­ti­cle from the Labour party.

Charles Hooper pur­pose” for this pro­posed so­lar power project? This project pro­posal was widely broad­cast on­lo­calTVnew­son9thJan­uary 2013with­MrMar­coCer­este­leader of Peter­bor­ough City Coun­cil ( PCC) sub­jected to a num­ber of search­ing ques­tions. We are still no wiser as to the coun­cil’s en­thu­si­as­man­dMrCer­este­did not ap­pear to be too con­cerned at the pub­lic’s scep­ti­cism over the mat­ter. I am a tech­nol­o­gist and hap­pen to teach and lec­ture in the elec­tri­cal and so­lar power arena. PV panel tech­nol­ogy ef­fi­ciency is im­prov­ing at a steady rate and can pro­vide a clean en­vi­ron­men­tally friendly form of elec­tric­ity gen­er­a­tion; how­ever, the se­lec­tion of a place­ment venue to gen­er­ate from so­lar PV ( pho­tovoltaic’s) is highly con­tentious. So­lar pan­els need lots of square me­ters in area to col­lect and con­vert the sun` s en­ergy, as PV panel tech­nol­ogy ad­vances the space an­darea needed will re­duce. Per­son­al­com­put­er­sareget­ting smaller, so will PV­Pan­els. Bu­tit costs money to keep up­dat­ing and pur­chas­ing new models.

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