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My last two ef­forts for this col­umn seem to come out as re­ally down beat but . . . it’s sum­mer, it’s a sunny Au­gust and the beer fes­ti­val is open and we had a good medal count from the Olympics .

So this time I thought Id have a go at a bit of op­ti­mism or at least my at­tempts at op­ti­mism . Af­ter all If you are go­ing to set to work within a com­mu­nity you need to take a look on the bright side of life once in a while and not get bogged down by the worry of not mov­ing for­ward.

Con­grat­u­la­tions go to all the Olympic win­ners and of course to ev­ery­one that took part in Rio to make it all come to­gether. I hope that in spite of news sto- ries re­gard­ing the pulling back of some sports in the Para- Olympics the var­i­ous bod­ies an coun­ties can work to­gether to help the Para Olympics in Rio match pre­vi­ous suc­cesses games in pre­vi­ous years in Lon­don and Bei­jing.

I gather that of­fi­cial hon­ours will be dished out to all the suc­cess­ful com­peti­tors, they put their all into it. But we cant have win­ners with out all those com­ing up be­hind so let’s give a cheer to all to al those who work hard to make it all a great suc­cess

We should also give a big cheer to ev­ery­one who are do­ing their bit (not how small) to make Peter­bor­ough a bet­ter place. But not just here but the wide world a bet­ter place – now that does need op­ti­mism. Don’t give up - we need you.

We should of course not gloss over nor ex­pect those in author­ity to gloss over the ac­tions of those that bring the games or any other ac­tiv­ity for that mat­ter into dis­re­pute. It’s a shame that a few seem to mar the feel good fac­tor and they de­serve our con­dem­na­tion . In spite of that I don’t think we should let the bad guys colour our views on en­tire com­mu­ni­ties and groups or events at home and abroad.

Bad pub­lic­ity al­ways makes big news and can re­flect badly on the many peo­ple who work be­hind the scenes to make good things come to­gether.

Au­gust al­ways used to be known as the silly sea­son when there weren’t any news sto­ries worth chas­ing – but over the last few years things seem to have wors­ened and bad news al­ways seems to be with us.

Bad guys work on fear and our fears make things less bear­able and harder to han­dle. They won’t go away but lets try to keep a brighter per­spec­tive and work to a brighter fu­ture. Above all for those of us who are hav­ing rea­son­ably good times should not for­get those who strug­gle or are go­ing thor­ough a bad patch or hit rock bot­tom .

A lit­tle thought and con­sid­er­a­tion for oth­ers and our sur­round­ings from all of us goes along way. We may not all be able to rule our own des­tiny but we can hope and aim a brighter fu­ture for all of us.

Let’s go for it and get our­selves a taste of the feel good fac­tor .

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