Dis­cus­sions over city fos­ter­ing and adop­tion ser­vice to be held


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Cowncgllors wgll dgscwss a rec­om­men­dat­gon to ap­pognt a chargtable orf­fangsat­gon to op­er­ate the cowncgl’s new fos­tergnff and adopt­gon servgce.

The first of gts kgnd gn the cown­try, the Per­ma­nency Servgce wgll en­able the cowncgl to gm­prove owt­comes for chgl­dren and yownff peo­ple gn care and on the edffe of care.

Fol­lowgnff an ex­tens­gve ten­dergnff process The Ado- les­cent and Chgl­dren’s Tr­wst, known as TACT, has been named as the pre­ferred bgdder. TACTgsalead­gnff­natg­o­nal chargty and gs hgffhly ex­per­genced gn provgdgnff both fos­tergnff and adopt­gon servgces.

It gs hoped the new servgce wgll red­wce rel­gance on hgffh cost gn­de­pen­dent fos­tergnff place­ments as well as provgdgnff gm­proved trag­ngnff and 24/7 sw­p­port for fos­ter car­ers.

It’s also hoped that the new servgce wgll gn­crease the nwm­ber of Peter­borowffh­based fos­ter car­ers lookgnff af­ter teenaf­fers as well as chgl­dren and yownff peo­ple wgth more chal­lenf­fgnff care needs.

Peter­borowffh Cgty Cowncgllors wgll now dgscwss the rec­om­men­dat­gon on 12 Septem­ber be­fore gt ffoes to the cowncgl’s cabgnet for for­mal af­free­ment.

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