Labour election fight is im­por­tant

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Would you will­ingly air your fam­ily’s dirty laun­dry for friends and en­e­mies to pick over?

This is what Labour have done in our lead­er­ship con­test. But, that’s pol­i­tics: ugly, in­tense and with no pri­vacy.

Why should any­one care about a lead­er­ship con­test within the op­po­si­tion party?

With­out strong op­po­si­tion, gov­ern­ments be­come lazy, sloppy, over­bear­ing dic­ta­tors of nar­row ide­ol­ogy.

Be­cause it’s not just the fu­ture lead­er­ship of the Labour Party that is at stake, but the fu­ture of the only party capa- ble­ofh old ing this govern­ment to ac­count. Labour un­der Jeremy Corby ni snot a govern­ment- in-wait­ing.

It has be­come weak and slow, un­able to speak with clar­ity against Brexit and against the cuts.

We lack de­ci­sive lead­er­ship that in­spires trust and loy­alty, both things that true lead­ers earn.

Labour need a cred­i­ble, ef­fec­tive and charis­matic leader who has ex­pe­ri­ence be­yond the back­benches, ex­pe­ri­ence in the real world.

That’s why, as a for­mer Par­lia­men­tary Can­di­date for Labour in 2015, I am back­ing Owen Smith.

Britain is in se­ri­ous trou­ble with­out a strong op­po­si­tion.

We have a Tory govern­ment happy to fix elec­toral rules and blindly fol­low nar­row lib­er­tar­ian ide­ol­ogy, cut­ting the lifeblood of in­vest­ment in pub­lic ser­vices, R&D and the NHS.

If you are a Labour voter, hope that Owen wins, so Labour win a ma­jor­ity and can in­vest for suc­cess rather than fire bomb­ing our pub­lic sec­tor.

If you area Tory voter, hope that Owen wins, be­cause even a govern­ment you voted for needs to be held to ac­count.

And if you’re a mem­ber of the Labour Party, please vote for Owen, be­cause Labour can only trans­form Britain for the bet­ter when we are in govern­ment.

The only leader who will give Labour that chance is Owen Smith.

Matthew Ma­habadi Grafton Av­enue Peter­bor­ough

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