Jose is now the ‘Spe­cious One’

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You know Manchdester Uited are in cri­sis when Michael Car­rick is touted as their saviour.

Yes, that’s right a 35-yearold mid­fielder who rarely scores, hardly ever cre­ates a goal and can’t tackle will be the an­swer to all United’s prob­lems.

The irony of such thoughts when United spent a whop­ping £90 mil­lion on Paul Pogba (right) to ram­page through cen­tral ar­eas just a few months ago shouldn’t be ig­nored.

It seems to me Car­rick’s best trait is not be­ing Marouane Fel­laini, a player whose pres­ence in United’s side un­der­mines any claim Jose Mour­inho has to be among the top man­agers in the world.

United have landed Mour­inho five years too late. The self-styled ‘Spe­cial One’ is no bet­ter than David Moyes or Louis Van Gaal. Mour­inho is more spe­cious than spe­cial these days.

In fact I’d say he’s worse than his im­me­di­ate pre­de­ces­sors as he was given the keys to the Old Traf­ford bank vault in the sum­mer and frit­tered the wind­fall away on past-it per­form­ers like Zla­tan Ibrahi­movic (I know he was a free trans­fer, but he earns more in a week than the 70,000 fans who cram into the sta­dium every week put to­gether) and over-rated, over-priced head­less chick­ens like Pogba.

Mour­inho has also joined the likes of Roy Hodg­son and Sam Al­lardyce in fall­ing into the trap of in­dulging Wayne Rooney even though the Eng­land skip­per’s lack of pace, pass­ing abil­ity and vi­sion has now be­come ob­vi­ous even to the likes of Wat­ford’s hon­est toil­ers.

Rooney’s most use­ful role ap­pears to be as Mour­inho’s ref­eree-bait­ing mouth­piece on the field of play, but even that in­flu­ence is wan­ing.

It’s hard to see what Mour­inho’s game­plan is. He has as­sem­bled a slow-mov­ing squad to com­pete in the fastest league in the world.

Big blokes are fine, but they need speed and power to com­pete. Fel­laini and Ibrahi­movic have nei­ther, while Pogba has per­fomed more like clumsy Kolo Toure than Yaya.

It’s go­ing to be an aw­ful sea­son for Mour­inho and ex­pect more lash­ing out as he at­tempts to de­flect the blame. His own left-back, Luke Shaw, won’t be the last to be blamed for the man­ager’s fail­ings this sea­son.

Hav­ing the great Pep Guardi­o­lia sta­tioned across the city won’t help Mour­inho ei­ther.

Com­pare and con­trast the silky smooth dis­plays of Manch­seetr City’s play­ers to the lum­ber­ing ef­forts of those at Old Traf­ford.

Kevin De Bruyne has al­ways been a class act wait­ing to flour­ish at Premier League, level, but in just six weeks Ra­heem Ster­ling has been trans­formed from a winger with the speed, but also the end prod­uct of Road Run­ner, into a lethal, goal-scor­ing, goal-cre­at­ing fron­trun­ner. Guardi­ola can take all the credit for this.

In­ci­den­tally Mour­inho didn’t rate De Bruyne when they were to­gether at Chelsea and sold him at the first op­por­tu­nity.

Sums him up re­ally.

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