Joey Bar­ton is not a full tea ser­vice!


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Joey Bar­ton is not the full tea ser­vice. Not hav­ing seen him play I have no idea of his worth as a player, but one thing is sure, his mouth will not con­trib­ute too much in that area. And when I asked my 10 year old, Manch­ester re­sid­ing, United sup­porter son, be­fore the sea­son be­gan if Jose Mo urin how as good for ManUtd, he gave an em­phatic ‘NO’! This proves Swanny is no fool. And For some un­ac­count­able rea­son I am un­easy with An­drew Strauss hold­ing the post he does within English cricket.

Flet­ton Lad

The self de­clared‘ Spe­cial One’ has only ever per­formed well in the short-term wher­ever he has been. His style of man­man­age­ment has been found want­ing and af­ter a cou­ple of sea­sons he has gen­er­ally left his clubs on down­ward spi­rals, de­spite hav­ing had vast fi­nan­cial re­sources at his dis­posal. Healso has a large turnover of staff, both on the field of play and with-in the clubs which must say some­thing. Fi­nally, all I can say is that Man Utd and Mour­inho de­serve each other!


Re­ally Swanny, it’s a bor­ing ar­gu­ment about Rooney now.


As you should know, be­ing a soc­cer re­porter, al beit at a small, lower league club, play­ers of a lesser skill level and a higher brawn level will al­ways be in­structed to kick skilled op­po­si­tion out of the game by ei­ther get­ting them car­ried off or sent off by in­sti­gat­ing a re­ac­tion by a skilled, but tem­per­a­men­tal player. Hence why Diego Costa is so of­ten in trou­ble, but rarely be­cause of his own in­sti­ga­tion.


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