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Many thanks for print­ing my let­ter about the leaves on the steps of Cres­cent Bridge, your ac­tion did in less than two days what con­tact­ing the coun­cil failed to do in ap­proach­ing two years.

One has to ask do we need the of­fice-based coun­cil staff who failed to achieve any­thing at all?

Should we pos­si­bly in­stead have a col­umn in the PT for peo­ple to put their moans - and their praise as not all the coun­cil staff fail all the time.

What the coun­cil ur­gently need is a sys­tem which when a res­i­dent rings and says so and so needs at­ten­tion, they are given a Job No which stays with the pos­si­ble job un­til it is ei­ther com­pleted or scrapped and the res­i­dent told why it was scrapped, So the staff in­volved have a de­fence if things lead to still more com­plaints or the job is done and the job drops out the sys­tem.

In the past I have had three peo­ple say I should run a web­site to cover this sort of thing.

The thing I do not l ike about that idea is that it needs con­stant work just to keep it up to date and will turn into a place where some peo­ple just wantto moan, So no thanks to that idea from me at least.

What is in­ter­est­ing is what will hap­pen to the other re­quest for ac­tion I made about nine months ago and was not given a Job No. When will that be done, or, as I told the per­son an­swer­ing my call, it could lead to some­one su­ing the coun­cil over dam­age to their prop­erty. Is it on the list or did it land with a thud? Phil Pumphrey Thorpe Lea Road Peter­bor­ough

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