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col­lected about them.

These files, which Face­book en­ables users to down­load freely, con­firm the com­pany has a wide range of in­for­ma­tion avail­able on peo­ple, be­yond the ob­vi­ous content that is vis­i­ble on some­one’s pro­file.

So what do they have on me?

It is alarm­ing straight How to find out what Face­book knows: (eas­ier on a com­puter screen than phone)

Do the fol­low­ing:

1)Log in Face­book and go to SET­TINGS


30 Scroll to bot­tom and click

away. Not just be­cause they know my own pref­er­ences to a tee.

I knew they tar­geted ad­ver­tis­ing and cu­rated my feed to suit my taste. I see the Ted Baker ads and the con­stant ad­ver­tis­ing for hand­bags and hol­i­days in Greece.

Their ever-chang­ing ‘al­go­rithms’ are the bane of our lives in lo­cal news. If they de­cide some­thing is not im­por­tant to you they just don’t show you it - and that in­cludes our lo­cal news lat­est.

But I didn’t know they had: DOWN­LOAD A COPY OF YOUR FACE­BOOK DATA

4) You will be asked for your pass­word and the in­for­ma­tion will down­load to your desk­top in a Zip for­mat. (note: If it doesn’t ap­pear try again)

Since 2016, Google has al­lowed ev­ery user to see what they have col­lected on you via a web­site

■ Ev­ery sin­gle phone num­ber in my con­tact book. Not called via on Face­book. Or Mes­sen­ger. Just called.

■ Ev­ery SMS message I have ever sent. Un­less I deleted it.

■Ev­ery friend I have ever had or non-friend I have in­ter­acted with.

■The names and con­tact in­for­ma­tion, in­clud­ing phone num­bers and email ad­dresses, of any­one saved to a de­vice on which I’ve used Face­book. All of them.

■ Ev­ery pic­ture or video I’ve ever taken, or liked.

Think about this. This is called MY AC­TIV­ITY.

You will have to sign into your Google ac­count, then you can look at Bun­dle View of ev­ery­thing you have shown an in­ter­est in, videos you have watched on Youtube, web­sites you have vis­ited, etc.

There is an Item view and you can also delete ac­tiv­ity.

per­sonal in­for­ma­tion, and if leaked, in­valu­able to third par­ties, po­lit­i­cal par­ties, ad­ver­tis­ers and crim­i­nals.

Our Face­book feed is al­ready tick­ling our egos and re­in­forc­ing our views and prej­u­dices, so imag­ine that in ev­ery sin­gle thing we do.

Big Brother is not just watch­ing us, he’s part of us.

What’s more, it all ap­pears com­pletely le­gal - and Face­book say they had had our per­mis­sion to col­lect all along.

The social net­work has al­ready re­sponded to re­ports on the is­sue, as­sert­ing that this col­lec­tion is not done with­out first gain­ing user per­mis­sion.

Face­book said the mea­sure is an opt-in fea­ture for the Mes­sen­ger for An­droid app and the stream­lined ver­sion of the site - Face­book Lite - and was de­signed to help bet­ter con­nect users.

“You may have seen some re­cent re­ports that Face­book has been log­ging peo­ple’s call and SMS (text) his­tory with­out their per­mis­sion. This is not the case,” the com­pany said.

“Peo­ple have to ex­pressly agree to use this fea­ture. If, at any time, they no longer wish to use this fea­ture they can turn it off in set­tings.”

“We never sell this data, and this fea­ture does not col­lect the content of your text mes­sages or calls.”

As well as the list of friends a user has on their Face­book ac­count, the names and con­tact in­for­ma­tion - such as phone num­bers and email ad­dresses - of any­one saved to a de­vice on which you use Face­book also ap­pear as part of the data.

Again, though, this is an op­tional fea­ture. Face­book asks users first if it can ac­cess their con­tacts list as a way of find­ing and sug­gest­ing con­nec­tions on the social net­work.

The process is also com­mon across many social media and other apps, usu­ally oc­cur­ring shortly after first join­ing a ser­vice.

But it does mean some peo­ple with­out a Face­book ac­count could see their phone num­ber be­come part of the plat­form’s data archive, should any of their friends or fam­ily be on the site.

I don’t know about you but I cer­tainly don’t re­mem­ber agree­ing to any­thing.

But then I don’t re­mem­ber my ex-boyfriend’s phone num­ber, email ad­dress and pref­er­ence for out­door sports.

Face­book does.

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