‘God did it’ is a log­i­cal fal­lacy

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sIr, – How does Michael Har­ley (Let­ters, April 10) get from “time and mat­ter must have a first cause”, ig­nor­ing the lack of any proof of this, to there­fore God did it?

He at­tempts to dis­credit sci­en­tific ex­plo­ration as “quan­tum gym­nas­tics” and in­stead of giv­ing the cor­rect cur­rent an­swer to this quandary which is “we don’t know yet” as­sumes there must be a “can­di­date” and with­out an iota of proof sub­sti­tutes God as the only possible an­swer.

This log­i­cal fal­lacy is known as the “God of the gaps” the­ory, peo­ple used to think light­en­ing was caused by the god Thor, we now un­der­stand the nat­u­ral mech­a­nism – one day we may un­der­stand the start of the uni­verse but un­til then you can’t just sub­sti­tute in “God did it”.

John Hedger, Pot­tery House, Dores, Loch Ness

is lu­di­crous, as the pa­tients there have nowhere to go to. Not only this, but bed num­bers are also be­ing re­duced from 48 to 42.

What if new pa­tients needed to be ad­mit­ted? Would they be turned away due to the short­ages of beds and the lack of nurses?

This is a to­tal outrage and some­thing has got to be done to rec­tify the nurs­ing short­ages and the lack of beds avail­able at this most im­por­tant hospi­tal.

Allan Damien Good­win, Birch­wood

Court, In­shes Wood, In­ver­ness

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