Surely con­sis­tency across the board is not too much to ask

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WHEN will the RFU take ac­tion re­gard­ing on­go­ing in­con­sis­tency of ref­er­ee­ing.

In Sun­day’s Wasps v Bath game, Nathan Hughes, when charg­ing with the ball, col­lided with an op­po­nent with a fore­arm smash un­der the chin; penalty awarded, no yel­low card. Alafoti Faosiliva of Worces­ter did the same ball-car­ry­ing charge against a Glouces­ter player but got a red card.

In Worces­ter v Sara­cens, Craig MaxwellKeys al­lowed Sara­cens to play con­stantly off­side with no penal­ties given.

It seems that ref­er­ees are bi­ased to­wards, the so-called bet­ter clubs. When is this in­jus­tice go­ing to stop? Some­one needs to pick up where Dean Ryan left off, where he threat­ened to pub­li­cise the ev­i­dence of bi­ased re­fer­ring. The only con­sis­tency is the lack of con­sis­tency.

STEVE WINTLE via email

ALL we ask from our ref­er­ees at all grades of rugby is con­sis­tency.

The past two weeks in the Quins v Tigers and Fal­cons v Ir­ish matches, both tele­vised, Ian Tem­pest and his as­sis­tants have been far from it. And Thomas Fo­ley should have given Tigers a few more yel­low cards against Ex­eter last Satur­day in an­other tele­vised game.

What mes­sage does that send out to all rugby teams?

JEREMY HYDE via email

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