Ju­di­cial ver­dicts

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Yet an­other ex­am­ple of the stu­pid­ity of hav­ing three ver­dicts in Scot­land (yes, no and maybe) (‘Mother cleared of mur­der­ing her tod­dler’, Scotsman, 9 Novem­ber).

No jury can be sure that an ac­cused is ei­ther guilty or in­no­cent of the charge, although such ver­dicts give that im­pres­sion.

For that rea­son alone, let

alone the fact that they were im­ported from Eng­land, we should re­turn to the old Scot­tish sys­tem of proven/not proven. Then ‘not proven’ would be seen its true light, not a ‘bas­tard’ (prob­a­bly guilty but we can’t be sure) ver­dict.

STEUART CAMP­BELL Dove­cot Loan, Ed­in­burgh

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