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A Scot­tish eco­nom­ics ed­u­ca­tion, work­ing as an econ­o­mist, fol­lowed by 20 years rep­re­sent­ing work­ing peo­ple at the point of pro­duc­tion in Scot­tish in­dus­try has fired up my pas­sion to bring about a real change and a rad­i­cal re­bal­anc­ing of power in the Scot­tish econ­omy, writes Scot­tish Labour leader Richard Leonard

Get folk workin’, get them oot on the fishin’ boats. Fishin’s comin’ hame! Thank God for ze Bregzit.

Big Scot­lander Scot­land is one of the bet­ter per­form­ing parts of the UK by mea­sure of pro­duc­tiv­ity, but it is still be­low the UK av­er­age. If it is be­low the UK av­er­age how can it be one of the bet­ter per­form­ing parts?

Aris­to­tle Re­mem­ber, he just wants more votes.

Ross Don­ald­son The best way to start fix­ing “Scot­land’s bro­ken econ­omy” would be to get rid of the use­less “Sit­ting on his Hands” Cor­byn and find a leader who can take Scot­land and the UK out of this cat­a­strophic Brexit blun­der...

Ge­orge Kelly Whether Brexit is a blun­der at this mo­ment in time re­mains to be seen. The nats are only us­ing this as an ex­cuse to ped­dle their in­sane aims for in­de­pen­dence.

Scot­land and the Union For­ever “Whether Brexit is a blun­der at this mo­ment in time re­mains to be seen.” No it doesn’t. It has al­ready dam­aged the econ­omy and made us poorer and stopped Scot­land be­ing a place to go to invest for the sin­gle mar­ket. This be­fore it has even hap­pened with worse to come.

Cagey Richard ad­vo­cates longer hol­i­days and parental leave to solve our pro­duc­tiv­ity cri­sis. He is a typ­i­cal prod­uct of Holy­rood. How can work­shy dopes like him ever claim to rep­re­sent work­ing Scots?

Hodi­tand­dodit Imag­ine Scot­land be­ing able to hold its head up high and proud – if only it could stop its ad­dic­tion to Eng­land’s taxes for sur­vival and paid its own way for a change.

The_an­swer Worst com­bi­na­tion ever: politi­cians who stud­ied eco­nom­ics. The an­swer is, of course, more pol­i­tics! More state in­ter­fer­ence, higher spend­ing and more bor­row­ing. Ex­actly what has con­trib­uted to the steady de­cline of Scot­tish and UK econ­omy? As a sug­ges­tion, how about politi­cians get out the way, get out of our pock­ets and al­low busi­nesses to op­er­ate and invest as they see fit?


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