1 Set­tle the bill for first place, at heart, on the way (8)

5 Standard is­sue for a min­is­ter (6)

9 Were old princes forced to plot to­gether? (8)

10 Is about to judge when to buy things back (6)

12 At short no­tice, barely had to adapt (6) 13 Move around an Ital­ian city (5) 16 Se­lect some­thing for con­sid­er­a­tion, and choose one be­fore oth­ers (6)

17 One adopt­ing a low profile might still an­noy a driver here (4,4)

20 Did man drone on about be­ing held in cus­tody (2,6)

21 Boss took one round to an artist’s work­room (6)

23 Pop­u­lar group de­picted in a spare cor­ner ... (5)

25 ... with wrong group at the be­gin­ning (6) 28 One grows up with some showy flow­ers (6) 29 Reached an empty drive so late, it was quite bleak (8)

30 Top writer left an old prison, to make it in­ef­fec­tive (6)

31 Amend a few mi­nor el­e­ments in publi­ca­tions (8)


1 A lead­ing fig­ure had to per­form, in re­al­ity (4) 2 Has a sig­nif­i­cant part of some town­ships (4) 3 Made piper play. It’s unattain­able (4,5) 4 Ap­pear by chance to in­crease the vol­ume on the ra­dio (4,2)

6 Warn­ing of dan­ger in drink, right at the end (5)

7 She’s on pa­rade, and serves at the front of an at­tack (10)

8 Race af­ter small num­ber on a ma­jor road, by choice (10)

11 Roles re­versed, wear­ing a thong (5) 14 Make short work of a sit­u­a­tion, when out of of­fice (10)

15 Is coming into line with a record. It’s quite daunt­ing (10)

18 Sol­diers may get dressed up in uni­form, ready for ac­tion (6,3)

19 A band of broth­ers in a state of wed­lock (5) 22 Wait for a road-race to fin­ish (6)

24 Did an English run­ner get right in­side a tem­po­rary shel­ter? (5)

26 Tom took on an old Ro­man states­man (4) 27 Takes a chance, but wins without one (4)

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