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The gov­ern­ment is plan­ning a new law that could change post-brexit cus­toms plans with the EU – but No 10 de­nied it would “tear up” the ex­ist­ing treaty. The two sides agreed in 2019 on the terms of the UK’S exit, in­clud­ing on fu­ture trade in North­ern Ire­land. The deal was de­signed to en­sure no hard bor­der be­tween North­ern and South­ern Ire­land .

@je­zo­brien said: “What else would any­one ex­pect from @10Down­ingstreet? Leave never pub­lished a pro­posal, but promised a deal. It re­mains a mystery what peo­ple think they voted for. Yes they say they know but in re­al­ity they voted for their own per­sonal ver­sion of #Brexit. They won’t get it.”

@Tat­suok­i_­saito com­mented: “Boris John­son will go down in his­tory as the PM who reignited the trou­bles in North­ern Ire­land. Covid will seem like a mi­nor blip in com­par­i­son. ”

@archers184­7 posted: “Boris John­son now runs the English Na­tion­al­ist Party. It is to­tally ac­cept­able to do so but he has to be hon­est and be clear that the Con­ser­va­tive and Union­ist Party is dead – as is the union, an­other con­se­quence of Brexit.”

@De­foris66 sug­gested: “If the North­ern Irish don’t be­lieve that Boris John­son would sell them out in a heart­beat they haven’t been pay­ing at­ten­tion.”

@dr_politico asked: “Can’t we just en­joy Covid-19 in peace?”

@poly­tixs said: “I’m sure they’ve got a “‘world beat­ing’, ‘best in class’ plan to get us out of the mess they’re get­ting us into.”

@Rob­bierjh com­mented: “Send­ing a good strong mes­sage to the world. What­ever deal we do with you we’ll try to screw you over later. It just won’t wash or end well.”

@Markvipond posted: “There’s noth­ing to be gained by the UK sub­mit­ting to the EU’S ut­terly un­rea­son­able de­mands. Brus­sels has failed to ne­go­ti­ate in good faith and a deal looks highly un­likely.”

@Jere­mym5801166 replied: “So tear­ing up an agree­ment is a good start­ing point for get­ting other agree­ments that we’ll de­pend on is it? What is un­rea­son­able about the EU de­fend­ing its in­ter­ests?”

@cs­bel­l_stephen added: “If the UK re­neges in this agree­ment, ev­ery other treaty it has will be con­sid­ered null and void. Bye bye Gibraltar, Falk­lands and Scot­land for starters.”

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