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My head is spin­ning: I have just opened the link sent by my surgery about flu vac­ci­na­tion. It in­cludes para­graphs like: “What do I do if I’m over 65, aged 18-64 and in a clin­i­cal risk group, preg­nant, a carer or liv­ing with some­one who was shield­ing dur­ing lock­down? If you are aged 55-64, and not in any of the above cat­e­gories, you will get a vac­cine at a later stage of the pro­gramme.”

If I have prob­lems un­der - stand­ing this, what of those whose first lan­guage is not English, or who may be even more con­fused than I am?

It then con­tin­ues to give in­for­ma­tion on drive through vac­ci­na­tion clinic sat Lit­tle France, with de­tails of ex­actly when to come and where. The traf­fic prob­lems will be quite con­sid­er­able. No con­sid­er­a­tion is given to non-driv­ers, or to the fact that many are still un­will­ing to use pub­lic trans­port. There are no toi­let fa­cil­i­ties avail­able. I am not the only per­son of an age with a weak blad­der . . .

I also note that“chil­dren aged two-five will re­ceive their flu vac­cine at school”. When did com­pul­sory ed­u­ca­tion start at two?

I failed to find where we were in­formed of the im­por­tance of flu vac­ci­na­tion dur­ing a pan­demic.

MA­RINA DON­ALD Tan­tallon Place, Ed­in­burgh

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