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Left hate Don­ald Trump so much, and why anti-Trump pa­rades have be­come the big­gest boost to the Ren­tacrowd protest in­dus­try since the Viet­nam War, op­posed by mil­lions who didn’t know what it was about or where Viet­nam was.

It’s be­cause the Pres­i­dent sub­con­sciously re­minds them of them­selves. Un­like most ‘Right-wing’ fig­ures, he adopts the habits and prac­tices of the shouty Left. He’s shame­lessly big­oted, and re­gards his big­otry as a virtue. He’s ig­no­rant, ma­te­ri­al­is­tic, un­read, foul­mouthed, sex­u­ally lib­er­ated, sees op­po­nents as en­e­mies to be crushed rather than as fel­low cit­i­zens to be per­suaded or at least re­spected, and he de­spises the rule of law.

Peo­ple hate in oth­ers what they dis­like in them­selves. I’ve sel­dom seen a bet­ter ex­am­ple of this maxim in ac­tion.

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