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In this ex­change on What­sApp be­tween Tory MPs, Brain­tree’s James Clev­erly uses lurid lan­guage to urge his fel­low MPs to stop ac­cus­ing each other of plot­ting

James Clev­erly All this non­sense is just po­lit­i­cal mas­tur­ba­tion!

It might feel nice for the per­son do­ing it, it’s re­ally dis­taste­ful for every­one who is forced to watch and it achieves noth­ing other than a bit of a mess.

So, please. Let’s not be w ***** s! 14:18

Paul Scully I need mind bleach 14:20

James Dud­dridge MP Far to graphic Clev­erly. 14:20

Na­dine Dor­ries then seizes on James Dud­dridge's re­buke to Mr Clev­erly – to ac­cuse Mr Dud­dridge of be­ing one of the plot­ters on the list

Na­dine DOR­RIES As your name is sup­pos­edly on the list James, lovely to hear from you. Per­haps you can deny that is the case while you are here? 14:21

You read my mes­sage three min­utes ago James - how long does it take you to type ‘Not true’ 14:25

James Clev­erly How about we don’t do witch hunt stuff on here. 14:26

Af­ter Clev­erly calls for an end to the ‘witch hunt’, Dor­ries says names of the plot­ters will be in the news­pa­pers

Na­dine DOR­RIES We don’t need to James C as it’s in the press to­mor­row 14:29

+44 Jackie Doyle-Price It is not a witch hunt to ex­pect peo­ple to have the balls to face their col­leagues when they are caus­ing so much dam­age 14:46

Na­dine DOR­RIES Bob Neill and Owen Pater­son too. 14:46

Penny Mor­daunt weighs in and tells every­one to calm down, unite and rally be­hind the Prime Min­is­ter

+44 Penny Mor­daunt Col­leagues, we will all be in the trenches to­gether again next week, inc those on GS’s list. I know how an­gry ppl are, I am too, but Tweet­ing, me­dia, even what­sapp, or any­thing else that helps to keep this run­ning is not a good idea. Let the Boss know how well she is sup­ported, work the patch, time with fam­ily and san­ity en­hanc­ing, recharg­ing ac­tiv­i­ties are the or­der of the day. Sorry to sound like Nanny McPhee & have a good week­end. X 14:48

CHAL­LENGE: Na­dine Dorries ac­cused fel­low Tory James Dud­dridge of be­ing a plot­ter

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