Wax­work Tories will melt away to noth­ing

The Scottish Mail on Sunday - - Comment -

NOT long ago I jeered at Madame Tus­sauds for re­fus­ing to make an ef­figy of Theresa May. They had set them­selves up as con­sti­tu­tional ex­perts, and de­cided that a Prime Min­is­ter who had not been ‘elected’ did not de­serve to be fash­ioned in wax. Of course, Prime Min­is­ters are not elected, but get their power from Par­lia­ment, which is elected. Mrs May, since she went to the polls, has ac­tu­ally been much less of a Pre­mier than she was be­fore. And I bet she wishes that Tus­sauds had not both­ered. Her ap­pear­ance there in meltable form has just led to more cruel jokes about how fee­ble and tem­po­rary she is. The im­age looks a good deal more cheer­ful and con­fi­dent than the real thing. And so it is. The Gov­ern­ment is it­self a wax mu­seum. It has no true pur­pose, ex­cept to fol­low a pol­icy – exit from the EU – which most of its mem­bers dis­like. Al­most any de­ter­mined lobby can, by squawk­ing loudly enough, se­cure the sack­ing of any Cabi­net Min­is­ter with the aid of bored me­dia. Noth­ing lies ahead ex­cept em­bar­rass­ment and bungling. It is, I think, the end of the Tory Party, which was un­wisely kept on life sup­port by de­luded vot­ers and greedy donors when it should have been given de­cent burial a decade ago.

With­out some as­ton­ish­ing earth­quake, a Cor­byn gov­ern­ment is com­ing and it is hard to see how it can be pre­vented.

What is left of the Tories will no doubt adopt the poli­cies of Mr Cor­byn, as they adopted those of the Blairites, af­ter a brief strug­gle with what they call their con­sciences. They will do anything to get of­fice.

Well, what will you all do then, those of you who in­sisted on stick­ing to the Tories, and keep­ing them alive, how­ever many times they be­trayed you? It is pre­cisely be­cause the Tories be­lieve in noth­ing that they are so use­less.

Get used to the idea that you now have no friends at all at West­min­ster. It has been so for years, but from now on it will be painfully ob­vi­ous.

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