A theme in most of her books – Zadie Smith’s char­ac­ters speak about what it is to be­long

The Simple Things - - WISDOM -

“Be­cause this is the other thing about im­mi­grants (’fugees, émi­grés, trav­ellers): they can­not es­cape their his­tory any more than you your­self can lose your shadow.” White Teeth “Peo­ple talk about the happy quiet that can ex­ist be­tween two lovers, but this too was great; sit­ting be­tween his sis­ter and his brother, say­ing noth­ing, eat­ing.” On Beauty It is on jour­neys like this – where one is so hor­ri­bly mis­un­der­stood – that you find your­self long­ing for home, that place where you are en­tirely un­der­stood, for bet­ter or for worse.” On Beauty “Peo­ple don’t set­tle for peo­ple. They re­solve to be with them. It takes faith. You draw a cir­cle in the sand and agree to stand in it and be­lieve in it.” The Au­to­graph Man “I am the sole author of the dic­tio­nary that de­fines me.” NW

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